Don’t tell Mama I was in Marinduque

Located in Southwestern Tagalog Region, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque is now becoming a travel destination for both locals and tourists alike. If you think about it, it’s just another island. 


5 Obvious reasons I’ve swoon over Yuzuru Hanyu

Who is Yuzuru Hanyu? Wait, really? JK. I had the same question though when I first saw his name popped up in my twitter feed few weeks ago. The hashtag was related to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and I didn't intend to check it out until I saw a video uploaded on Facebook. Hanyu,... Continue Reading →

4 Things I’ve Learned from Amo Gani

Amo Gani. The person I remember whenever I hear South Border singing to Rainbow. He's a good friend, a big brother who loves arts, music, his family and his friends.  He was amazing and unforgettable. He was too young but that was God's plan- I guess. I am still haunted by his death in 2003... Continue Reading →

Bookworm: Always Guilty. Sometimes Annoyed

I read a lot. And some people often mistakenly take me as a highly intellect biatch because I read various kinds of reading materials. While in reality,  my brain cells malfunction from time to time; I look at numbers like Chinese characters; I say stupid things; my English and even my Tagalog aren't perfect. I... Continue Reading →

Laundry Thoughts

My brain either wanders far away or in a total silence when I do my chores. It helps me make better decisions, contemplate the life I have and want. It helps clear out negative thoughts but sometimes invite some as well (well, I guess this is the downside of it). Nonetheless, I like it when my thoughts are overflowing like a waterfall ready to be written down. It may neither look peaceful and relaxing but trust me, it is.  Specially when I see my clothes being dried by the sun outside or when I see my stuff tucked in the places where they belong. 

New Year’s Resolution: Be gone

This note always brings me tears. In 2015 I've got everything planned. I was willing to give up my high paying job and earn lesser in a different industry doing a totally different thing. I was taking risks- little by little and it felt good. Really good that I thought I was ready to take... Continue Reading →

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