Me and my rainbow-colored life

I will be more organized! This is it! XD

In 2008 I discovered about blogs and realized that I should still be hopeful about my childhood dream: To inspire the world by writing.

In 2009 I put up my own blog naming it Luvs and whatsoever in blogspot. It featured all my attempts to song and poem writing and the little tales about my weird life.  Later in 2010 when I realize my blogging is not going that far nor was it even moving like the others? So I started shopping for blog sites and found my loyalty in wordpress.

Mushy Kitty is the name of the first wordpress blog that featured my attempts to dressing up, make-up, books and all that jazz.

Later when my interest to style had become uncontrollable I wanna put up my own style blog like Kryz Uy’s and the rest of the fashion and style bloggers that I follow.  And so in 2012, I revamped Mushy Kitty and created a separate blog behind the name of Random Venus to feature my other interests.

But the blogging addiction didn’t stop right there.

Later that same year I created 2 other blogs namely: Dear Crush inspired by Letters to Crushes and Eyes4JD in tumblr that contains the fan-girl ego of Random Venus. Early this year when I added A Silent Letter to Self (e-diary) and Paper-Pen Stories (my short stories).

For two years and over I have been a bit contented and ok in managing all those blogs separately.


A few months ago, I’ve realized how much I have improved in keeping up with my to-do lists and organizing habit that I want to also apply it on my blogs.

And so, lo and behold!

KATACHEME.  My very own personal blog that’ll feature all my existing and future interests. :3

I hope you’ll join me in this journey to the never ending arc of


I mean this


rainbow! XD

If you’re following me from any of those blogs mentioned above, un-follow me there and transfer here! Hahaha!

I can’t wait to share the very first entry in here.




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