Space loves disco

I honestly don’t know how to name this look! :))

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And hey! Hi there! Welcome to my rainbow-colored life: katacheme! That’s me and my name. Yes! πŸ˜€

So anyways, first outfit post for the new blog. Still under construction though, but will still post anyways. hahaha!

So what’s with the new taste to dressing-up?

You’ve probably heard about Harajuku, and I can only wish am living in Japan, you know. haha!

So basically, this is just an initial ATTEMPT to take a few steps towards Harajuku. I think the socks gave the whole look an odd finish. What ‘cha think?

This dress reminds me of KPop, and why not? Got this dress from my sister.. who’s a KPop fangirl. Or you can say, the Korean version of me! hahaha! Not yet… at least now…. but getting there. πŸ˜‰

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[Dress:Β Ukay |Β Wedges: Primadonna | Socks:Β DivisoriaΒ ]



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