Gwiyomi! (the meet and greet with Hari)



My KPop sister invited me and my cousin to watch Hari, the Gwiyomi girl.

Gwiyomi is a popular Korean Pop song in Asia specially in the Philippines. Gwiyomi according to the artist, is to act cute and to make everyone else happy. Which shows in the actions of the song. Though I have read in some articles that there is another Korean artist who originally wrote and made gwiyomi before Hari released the song. But guess what? Hair made it popular, so be it. πŸ˜‰


So anyways, you all know am not really a KPop fan. Though I admire and honestly do, how catchy Korean Music is. Well almost any type of music is catchy to me so yeeaaahhh…. hahaha!

So going back to the event, I was amazed when we get to Ayala at how people really love Gwiyomi. I must say, from kids to teens to kids at heart, Moms, Dads, grannies and all. The song is really that popular in the country.





If I also must say, Hari is sweet! We had a fan a chance to have a closer encounter with her. And I was surprised when she greeted me first: “annyong ha sae yo!” with a sweet-wide smile. She looked and seemed so ready and happy to meet her fans in Cebu. And to mark, she’s pretty too! Which most Koreans by the way are. So that doesn’t make sense. haha!

Here's a screen cap from my sister's instagram
Here’s a screen cap from my sister’s instagram

So to top it all, I had so fun during her meet and greet. Β Does it shows? πŸ˜€

And now, let’s go down to the outfit. lol



I went for something KPop-ish… though do you agree it is? haha Retro-ish something like that, probably.


That’s all actually. hahaha!

Enjoy the weekend, lovelies!



Kath =^.^=

[Crop top and top: Cousin’s | Skirt: Mogao | Shoes: Red by Marc Ecko]


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