A Blogger’s Block

“…no writer actually loves the writing part.”

I quoted this while reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project- and I still am reading it by the way.

As true as probably it can be, I find it hard to write about my thoughts. I, most of the times wishes there’s like a telepathy-something between me and my journal or the laptop so that whenever I think about something really interesting and probably worth writing about, can just easily be transferred into words and post them online with auto-proofreading.  Perhaps the evolving technology can do this? I wish!

So here I am, in the middle of something non-sense. I was really stuck with some random thoughts the past few weeks, and apparently those random thoughts are still stuck within me. Did that made sense… at all? Hah! I know it didn’t and I know it leads you to a curious, what the ef face.

To tell you honestly, I didn’t not have any plans to open my laptop because I’m supposed to be lying in bed, resting to prep for tonight’s shift, instead, here I am scrabbling through the keyboard with thoughts freakily running around my head and thinking whether this typing would lead to something interesting or at the very least with something that other people could understand.

But anyways, let me share you something about my ongoing project. Now that’s something kind’a interesting. Isn’t it? Haha!

The project is called 21 DAY CHALLENGE TO H+ ME. (Well actually it was 21 day challenge to a happier me, when I first proposed the project to my self and later on changed to 21 day challenge to a positive me, to an H+ me– but you really don’t wanna  know that. Do you?)

I started it off on the 10th of this month which will run until the 1st of October.

And how did I come up with the project?

Struck by the question: “What makes you happy?” when once asked by my boss and I couldn’t even answer him. And although, I was able to come up with some randomly-picked-up-from-somewhere-else answers,  the question seemed to be very vague for me it left me busy tracing back the to past as to why I wasn’t feeling contented before than now. And I remember him telling us, “It takes 21 days to develop a habit”, whenever he wants to stress out about over breaks and late log-ins.

Happiness is something similar to contentment. Or isn’t it? But in my case, whenever I feel happy- I feel contented and achieved enough of whatever I have done that it made me feel that way. Though happiness, the word itself is still really nebulous and I can’t even describe the way I feel it.

And so to answer that question my self, I took off to Powerbooks to search for some books that could help me find and define happiness. But will I be able to do it?

Though I know Gretchen’s book can help me how to find and keep happiness, I doubt I could be able to define happiness in my own words at the end of the day. Or did that made sense again? Or am I making sense at all?

But you know what? It really makes sense at all, that happy people are more influential and inspirational. My year started really bad and full of ungratefulness and instant decisions. But am glad that one of those instant decisions (to move here in Cebu) led me to a realization that could make my 2013 be better. Credits to my wonderful and ever-awesome boss for these ideas I’ve come up to finish off the year with a boom! I couldn’t thank you enough for everything. You truly are Prometheus!




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