Alta Cebu Village Garden Resort

The days are long. Years are short.

I got this realization from Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project.  I didn’t even realized this until a workmate told me during a company event  last Sunday.

I should have known from the start that even on as split off, you could enjoy your rest day by savoring each minute of  it doing an outdoor activity instead of staying at home and sleep the whole day just because you want to rest. And so, to test the proven technique of my dear friend, I dragged my sister to Cordova last Thursday afternoon after my shift.

Where did we go?

That same morning after I got off from work, I googled some resorts nearby Cebu and found tons of them. I had soooo much time spent on choosing what resort to go to (this, what happens with insta-pack rat! haha!)

It’s crazy how I randomly picked from the list.. and you don’t wanna know how I ended up with Alta Cebu resort, do you? haha

So anyway, off we go to Alta, baby!


How we got there?

I believe there are ways other than the v-hire (van) from SM City Cebu to Cordova. But since we are not familiar with the place, we chose to take the v-hire which was one of the options and strongly suggested by the front desk rep that I spoke to when I called that morning.

From SM City Cebu we took roughly 40-45 minutes ride going to Cordova. We were dropped off at the boundary of the main road and Brgy. Pilipog. It’s easy to spot if it’s the right place because of the huge tarp of Alta. Then we rode a “sikad” going to the resort. We got a little lost. I think because the driver thought we meant the “Employees entrance” when we said “Alta”. Apparently, the guest’s entrance is not that far from the main road.

Riding the sikad made us feel at home. Because the streets and the houses looks like our dear province (Samar). Not to mention the smell of fresh air. So delightful!

Returning back to Cebu however worried us a bit. Because the van won’t pass by Brgy. Pilipog and we have to ride a jeepney going to the pier and have to take a boat back to Cebu. But hey, travelers conquer all routes!

So we took a jeepney going to the market (route: mecado-sulod) and dropped-off in front of the Nuestra Senora church, and walked going to the pier. It was easy to find the pier, you just to ask for help which Cebuano’s would be gladly to do so. But no kidding, the pier is just located behind Lapu-Lapu City’s DepEd office which is also located just behind the Church.

We had fun riding the Ferry boat. It made us feel that we really went from one island to another.

Fair Table:







Ferry boat

14php + 1php terminal fee/passenger

Here goes the rant…



Friendly and pleasant.  I could not say more. When I first called it already made me assume that the staffs are warm and friendly. At the time that we arrived at the entrance, the guard asked us if we are attending an even, when he knew that we were not, he told the driver to take us straight to the main gate of the resort because according to him it’s quiet far from the guard house which is not, factually. Haha!



Aside from the set-meal that was part of the package, we didn’t order some more because we were stuffed despite of not taking our lunch before going there. I would not complain about the food, which I don’t normally do, probably this is just a point of view given that my relatives are amazing cooks.

The grilled chicken looked so palatable but it smelled unpleasantly. Not the level that you won’t attempt to eat it- I guess I just didn’t like the smell of the sauce. The texture was fine and it tasted ok. The atchara on the other hand is rated 2 hearts by my sister (who is one of the cooks in the family), which I may also agree. Our relatives in the province make great home-made atchara and we get used to the soft texture of the papaya and the sweet and sour flavors that plays on your taste buds. Though I was strike by the calamansi juice! It tasted freshly-slushed in the glass. That refreshing taste!

The Pools:


There are two separate pools: one at the restaurant and bar area. It’s about 5 to 6 ft or deeper which is intended for adults and is perfect for special occasions like weddings and Hawaiian inspired parties and etc.

Another pool is located near the barbecue area – called the Mactan Pool.

One pool just next to the Jacuzzi which would suit for kids aging five and up. Another bigger pool next to it is around 3 to 4 ft deep in each side but goes deeper to 5 to 6 ft towards the center. Which I may say not perfect for kids, unless they know how to swim- but even so.

The Place:


It’s a haven! Trees all around and soft warm-cool fresh air. The re-creation area is totally recommended for team buildings, barkada outings and family picnics (not the pool though).

Allow me also to say something about their shower and comfort rooms. I was so amazed when I first entered their shower room. It looked cozy and you would probably opt to stay inside than enjoy the outdoor activities. No kidding!

I nearly laughed at the tea-table placed inside, which I believe serves as a waiting area. My sister even murmured in amusement; “This looks better than a bedroom!”

Though, the showers need a fix. The water flow from leakage is more than the flow from the shower itself. Other than that everything else is working including the hand drier.

The verdict?


We were probably the only guests on that day because we see no other people other than us and the staffs. Though there are a couple of events scheduled for that day. It was in the middle of the week so it would not surprise me.

My sister though is probably bored she kept on laughing (and complaining too -I guess) about how we owned the resort for a few hours. Needlessly to say, I enjoyed the “poetic silence” I have been craving for, for ages.

Poetic silence: my kind of silence. No other noises except for the whirling of the wind, the birds tweeting, the swinging of the tress, the flowing water, an over-heard laughter from somewhere near and some good music playing on the background. Weird, huh? But don’t you also love this kind of silence? And the name by the way just popped out of my head while watching the sunset in the pier going back to Cebu.


Alta is a perfect place for re-creation activities, family picnics, barkada outings, team buildings, corporate events, special occasions like weddings birthday celebrations and anniversaries. My sister and I were actually thinking about proposing this as a venue for our cousin’s 18th birthday next year.





I must say the experience itself (my experience, don’t mind my little sister’s complains about owning Alta for 3 hours. haha) is 5 hearts.

Alta Cebu Garden Village Resort :

Telephone #’s: (032) 496-7052 | 496-7399 | 496-7812 | 496-7882  | 513-2088 | 5114286

Facebook Page:

Official Website:

Location:  Tugbungan, Pilipog, Cordova, Philippines 6017



Check out my snapshots in a separate post in Gallery.  😉 ~kath



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