After the wonderful lunch date with my dear Prometheus siblings, I arrived in our place and surprised to see how our room looks like.  Oh well, not really messy. But you’ll see school stuff here and there. I am sharing a room with my cousin and sister, so this is basically why.

Err, wait. Did I just say it wasn’t really messy? hah! Got me! It wasn’t at all-except for my bed! 😉 Now don’t get me wrong, not that am always running late but I would not have much time to fix it when I get up for work. (I put too much time on exercising and… taking a bath. 😀 )

I walked in earlier today and realized, not only my bed is messy but the wall is also lifeless. I remember starting off a project when 2013 kicked off- iWall. The iWall is an inspiration wall that has everything I love posted on it. If you’ve been following me in my previous blogs, you might have seen the wall in my room in Manila evolved from the lifeless green paint, to having a little doodle, to the anime posters.  And I wish  to continue that project here in my room in Cebu.

Now can you imagine my smile when I saw Japan Home Centre at Parkmall today? Gee! I bet you can’t.  haha!

Japan Home is my favorite DIY and home shop. So much kawaii and very useful stuff sold here without tearing any wallet apart! 😀 Not to mention they sell Japanese items too.  *grins*


So what ‘s about with the outfit of the day?  Ugh, I don’t even know! Gee! This flowy top is my sister’s. My wardrobe now isn’t as extensive when I was in Manila (or was it even extensive at all? lol). The main reason? Am trying to figure out what really my style is. That’s all. Until then, I have to raid my cousin and my sister’s closet. 😀



Enjoy the weekend lovelies! 😉



[Top: sister’s | Bag: cousin’s | Watch: Genevieve Gozum |Accessories: (from a booth during a company event) | Slippers: Toeberries | Sunnies: Forever 21]


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