Hurry Christmas- hurry!

It’s the last day of September today– and Christmas is already in the air– or is it just around the corner? Hah!  Just so you know, Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration ever! It starts when “ber” months come in.

When September hits, Christmas songs are played at the malls, grocery stores, salons and almost everywhere. The Christmas decor’s are already sold. And some people starts their list or even Christmas shopping while some items are still on-sale or while the malls aren’t that too crowded yet.

As for me? What am I doing in preparation for the holidays?

Waiting for some people to ask me what Christmas gift would I love to receive. And the next thing you know, I will post my Christmas wish list on Pinterest. hahaha!

And since Christmas is just a few blocks away, here are some L’Arc~en~Ciel songs that reminds me of the most awaited season. Oh well, not just that. Most of the fans are already wondering when are they coming back for the next world tour. The online voting is still on going while HYDE is busy with Vamps and Ken is in a very long vacation (we haven’t heard from him since the last fender show -really. We’re kind’a excited to know what he’s been up to lately. 🙂 )

So to bring out the fan girl and the Christmas-kid in me, here’s my #LArcMNL Xmas Playlist.

Though, it doesn’t really snow in the country. Just because in other countries it does. 😀

And of course, one of the cutest hyde opening!  >.<



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