Casa Verde (Short Review)

Yesterday, two of my Prometheus siblings and I decided to have a lunch date after work. The reason I love to catch up with these creatures it’s because they tend to surprise me in an annoying way. Haha.  Just kidding! 😉


We went to Ayala Terraces and strolled up and down and around the mall for about an hour before we all agreed to eat in Casa Verde. We ordered Brian’s Ribs, Milky Way and I added Chicken, Mushroom and Cheese thinking that the Ribs might not be enough for the three of us.

And Voila! That superb size of the ribs which is good for 4 people. I was amazed! And not only that, I thought milky way is just another large sized shake. But lo and behold the giant glass!

I would say, if you’re eating with a group, Casa Verde is a nice choice. You won’t feel dizzy with the prices because the serving comes surprisingly good for a bunch of people.



Brian’s Ribs is yet the best ribs I’ve ever tasted. The sauce is flavorful you can only wish you could tell the actual ingredients used. The Chicken, Mushroom and Cheese which came to our table sizzling is tender and nice too, and the milky way is so delicious! It’s not too sweet but my tongue was really happy to taste it. Now hash tag this with FOOD PORN! Haha!

Here’s the breakdown for your budget to think:

We spent so much time in dividing the cost to three because the receipt features 2 sections: the food sales and the tax. We have to ask for the menu to see the exact prices.  And don’t wonder why we have to do it this way; I have to take care of the Chicken, Mushroom and Cheese. This happens when you want to treat your team slash friends equally. Apparently, they know that I bought some cakes for my Team’s potluck and I forgot to let them taste the very yummy Japan Light Cheese cake and the Mango Pleasure from Bread Talk. But you know I love you too guys. Hahaha! xxx


Heart Beat:

The Place: 5hearts

Cozy with an American touch.

The Food:


The Staff:


The Price:


I know the 30php extra rice is crazy, but it’s worthy! 😉

Overall experience:


Well, it’s always the best when you’re with the best people in the world. 😀





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