October Drama: The Days are running so fast.

“It’s Friday again! And hey, two weeks more to go before November! Seriously?”


Exactly 18 days since October started. It has been 2 weeks now since I started reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.  And it has been exactly 10 days since I chose to enjoy each and every second of my life. And now here I am in front of my notebook in the kitchen while taking bread and coffee for breakfast at exactly 7:15. No one’s awake yet except me. My sister and cousin are still in their dreams and our roommates are nowhere to be found. As they always are.

But why October is running so fast? Why rush?

On the 9th of this month I decided to enjoy my daily life and stop thinking about how stressful work can be. I’d wake up at 8 in the evening to prepare for my 12 AM shift and went out of the office with the raging of the 9 AM sun… Would sleep at 1 in the afternoon when some people are chillin’ out and most of them still at work.  I do this every day and as part of the routine I’ll sleep and wake up with one mind set, “Savor each day, because you’ll never know if tomorrow you’ll have the same feeling.”

To be happy, you have to think happy. And I couldn’t agree more!

No work unrelated to your passion is pleasurable. But to think I chose this industry instead of any other else, puts back the blame on me. I could not stand blaming myself forever because success does not include blaming.

Why blame and curse the world to its death?

Doesn’t it feel great when you help other people resolve one of their problems? Doesn’t it make you feel SUPER when you calmed down a person who is frantically fretting on the other the line? Aren’t you happy when someone tells you “you made my day”? Don’t you feel amazing when someone mistakenly tells you your race because of your well-developed accent? Don’t you feel proud when someone admits that Filipinos are more helpful and warm than anyone else?

Basically, despite the stress and the lows of this kind of work, aren’t you happy with all of the good stuff happening in your call center life? No work is pleasant when the road gets rocky- not even your dream job. But when the tough gets going would you chose to quit just because it’s not fun anymore? Probably, YES for a quitter, but certainly NOT for a fighter. And I chose to be a fighter because I’VE DEVELOPED HATRED FOR STARTING FROM THE SCRATCH ON THE SAME KIND OF PAPER.

I have to start loving my job!

11 months ago, I tried to draw a boundary between my self and the BPO* industry. Unfortunately 3 months after, I’ve realized, not only it pays you good, it also developed something in me. That something I could barely tell. I stopped working for 2 months to figure out that something and plan my future clearly. Unfortunately, that something is yet to be found, and I saw the clear picture of my future as someone in the BPO* industry.

So, in late May of this year, I chose the Queen city of South instead of keeping my mess-adventures in the Huge Concrete Jungle of Metro Manila.

So far the choice is looking good, and I want to keep it good or even better as the days pass by.

Realizing things and counting back the days, makes the year shorter, but the days of October are still running steadily fast.

Last Wednesday (after the horrible earthquake), I asked a friend in the office if he feels the same thing. His answer was, “actually, yes.” Though for him, the days are shorter because of the holidays just around the corner, which is kind of different from mine. But I think he’s just too excited for the holidays or might be the opposite of it. Haha!


How ‘bout you? Do your October days fly so fast?




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