Mashup: A head filled with random thoughts but nothing to write about

Today’s initial plan is to start drafting a post about my thoughts for the Happiness Project book which I just finished reading a couple of days ago. But when I logged in to wordpress, I saw a recent post in my reader feeds about NaNoWriMo 2013.  And then I got stuck. My head went from here to there and to almost everywhere thinking whether to join and accept the challenge or just do another challenge for November.

I have been thinking about doing a 30 day challenge for November to warm up for next years monthly challenges as part of my resolution. And looks like the NaNoWriMo event is a good start. But hey, CAN I REALLY DO IT?


I know I’ve always wanted to be an author. I’ve always dreamed to write a novel, but even my short stories and poems are lousy to my eyes, how much more if I write a novel? My inner critic just burst out from somewhere.

And… instead of writing a draft for a finished book, I am writing something different. Oh well, I need some good slap on the face to get me started drafting that item on my to-do list and cross out one backlog and probably give the NanNoWriMo challenge some thinking. But hey! November is in a few days, duhh! So it’s now or never! ACCEPT or DECLINE? (I’ll… get back to you on that.)



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