NaBloPoMo 2013 | Day 1: One Million Dollar vs Me

Prompt: You found one million dollar (note: not Philippine Peso) in the morning and have to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

Money can’t buy happiness. BUT when spent wisely, it brings up happiness. 


Yesterday, after an exhausting and a very long day at work I dropped by the bank to withdraw some cash for my budget next week. I’d do this every last day of my week  to keep control of my spending. I saw a huge bag parked beside the ATM. I looked around, no one else was inside aside from me. It was just four in the morning, and people are still dreaming in their sleep during this hour, while of course some are walking around the IT Park who just like me; night owls because of work.

I hesitated at first, but curiosity attacked and then… I opened it and peeked inside the bag. It smells like new money. (Don’t get me wrong you also know that familiar smell, neh?) As I unzip the bag, I was shock by the sight- MONEY! And no, they’re not Philippine money, they’re US Dollars! I zipped it back to close the bag, observed my surroundings and then I saw a paper just under the bag as I push it back to where it was before. The paper reads: “Please use this money in a good way.” I though for quite a while. Bring the paper with me and walked out of the bank. As another person gets in to withdraw some cash too, I quickly ran back to the machine and grabbed the bag just like a professional bandit.

It’s not that I want to own the money, but I was afraid that it’d go to the wrong hands.

He looked curious but then he shrugged.

I took a cab going home. And the feeling is weird. I am scared. It might be from someone who just ran out from a bank and took all the money from the vault and later realized he’d done something wrong but instead of returning the money he ran away from the US to the Philippines and left the bag at the bank for good… or for worse!  But I shook that thought away.

At seven in the morning I was still awake and staring blankly at the bag. I kept on reading the paper and boom! I’ve finally decided to use the money.  As I took the money out from the bag, I saw another paper it says: “$1M”. ONE MILLION? My eyes gone wide! That’s around 43M in Philippine Peso.

I called Red Cross immediately at nine and deposited $200,000 on their bank account. I also deposited $100,000 for Bantay Bata and $100,000 for Pintados Foundation and dropped by the capitol to donate $100,000 for the Bangon SugBohol project.

At two in the afternoon, I deposited $300,000 unto Papa’s bank account. But I did not tell him, I bet he’ll be surprise to see his balance went from this to this.  I only told my sister about the money, and she too was shocked to see the piled money in my closet.

This is a very huge money. I don’t know where to put and how to spend the one’s left in the bag. So I called Nagi and told her I transferred a fund to her account for the Street Team’s anniversary next year.  I’ve also finally decided to shop with my sister and my cousin. We did shop ’till our feet hurt and our arms filled with shopping bags. Then, At six in the evening I called all my friends who are in Cebu and invited them over for a party at Crown Regency. And since it was a Saturday, most of them responded to my invitation and partied all night long with me. I told them about the money, but not even a single friend believed me. Well, who would? Not even me who found the bag!

For whatever reason that person decided to gave the money away to a random stranger, I hope I’d given it justice. God Bless him!

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