NaBloPoMo 2013 | Day 2: Energy draining tasks vs Me

Prompt: What daily tasks take up the most of your energy?

I don’t relax. Even when I sit I do certain things that are tiring and stressful.


I don’t like talking! Not that I hate it. In fact, I’m grateful that I can speak and I feel even more blessed that I can speak the “main” languages (Tagalog and English) and can learn other language.

But what’s with talking that it’s the least favorite thing to do of someone who works in a Call Center company?

I don’t really talk that much. I am more of a listener, and talking takes so much of my energy. Even at work I have to take a break exactly every after two hours. Not only I’d experience shortness of breathing (I have asthma) when I talk straight for an hour, it also makes me tired for some personal odd reasons. I JUST DON’T LIKE TALKING.  Just that.

Most people’s first impression about me would be: I am boring, or I am bored with them, or I don’t like them, or I’m out of this world just because I won’t talk unless asked. The worst case scenario? I’ll just nod whenever a question is raised for me. One of my closest friends told me once: “I bet you can survive in an island alone!” Which might be true. But puhlease  let me be with someone. I’m afraid of the dark and I have a fear for deep waters! 😀

My energy would soar high when I sing, dance, blog, daydream, think, tackle a nagging task that doesn’t require NAGGING, reading a book and some other stuff, but not talking. Once I started talking after one or two sentences my energy would run dry. This is how boring I am! But hey, crack a joke and I laugh. I can laugh the whole time too without draining my energy. These are my hidden abilities! I am very idiosyncratic.  Thanks to my friends who until now still loves to talk to me, vent and trust me their problems. And I am already thinking… This might also be the reason that they love me, because I don’t talk much which can be safe from spilling their secrets! haha!

So, talk to my paws instead! 😉

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