NaBloPoMo 2013 | Day 3: Energy boosting song vs Me

Prompt: What is your favorite song that gives you energy?

Music is a source of happiness, love, loneliness, aggravation and everything, including money… and even friends.


This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. As a music lover who listens to ALL genre it’s hard to chose what song brings me tears to my eyes or boosts my energy.

Jazz can boost my energy just like how rock and screamo can.  But if you say, THE  MOST RECENT energy boosting song, I can probably answer that. And whether you like it or not you’ll gonna have to like my choice. haha!

Britney Spears’ Work B*tch.

I love Britney for as long as I can remember. In Grade 6, I remember our class had a Britney Spears and Mandy Moore group that argues, debates and compares the two music icons. And I remember almost ending up a cat-fight with one of classmates because she called Britney a b*tch. Those good ol’ days! [sigh] hahaha!

Why Work B*tch anyway, when Lady Gaga’s most recent releases has been running in my head?


1. Britney’s too hot to ignore! 😀

2. The beat is catchy, it easily draws my hips to swing.

3. And just because I wanna hot body and live fancy, so I’d better WORK, B*TCH! 😀

So, does this boost your energy or wut?  😉

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