Re-living the feelings with Humming Urban Stereo (echos-echos din pag may time) :))

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Do you have a song or playlist that reminds you about someone, aka the CRUSH? Oh well, I think we all do. Thus makes me wanna write something about the crazy feeling that have been hunting me for the past few weeks. Or wait, should I be posting this on the other blog?  Okay, never mind. Post it here.

Late last month, I’ve started listening again to Humming Urban Stereo. A Korean Electro-Pop artist.  And just like a scene in a movie, it brought me back to the old crazy days… Back to July 2011. Feel like in the need of the details? I won’t spell them out, just because I have a feeling that my crush will be reading this post one of these days. haha!

Here’s my playlist instead. Enjoy! 😉

Baby love, you’re so pretty. It looks good on you, you’re hair’s pretty. Baby love did you figure it out. I’m caught, truth is it’s not that great.

“I hate myself who can’t stop loving you. I feel so stupid because I’m still in love with you.”

Bright, bright is the sound of your voice. My heart wants to place you with colors

no no no no no no no no no no no no

Goodbye, my love

Loving loving girl – I like you so much. Loving loving girl – my heart is beating

For more kawaii (and I know it’s Japanese, haha) songs, check out Humming Urban Stereo on youtube:

… and I’m signing off  to start drafting for tonight’s post on my 30 day blogging challenge. It’s already the 3rd in my time zone,  so this means I have to cram and come up with 3 posts tonight! 😉

Happy Crushing!






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