NaBloPoMo 2013 | Day 4: My Super Power vs Me

Prompt: If you were a superhero, what would be your hidden super power?

Like a flower that blooms, my smile could bring joy to any heart; Like a lightning that strikes, the same smile could kill.


Once upon a time…

Oh yeah! Le’t pause for a while and say hello to Day 4! Though, it feels like Day 2 for me because I was late for 3 days. Oh well…

So one day as I head back home from school, I saw an elder woman crossing the street. My heart ached as she tried to walk faster because the driver of a car was already shouting at her. I hurriedly walked to help her cross the street and gave the driver my middle finger as he shook his head side to side.

I asked her where she’s heading to so I could just accompany her in case she may need to cross the street again. “To your house, actually.” She said. And to my surprise I asked why. Of course I have met my grandparents from both of my parents’ sides. But probably, she’s one of my parents’ aunts or relatives- but how did she know about me? Did Mom and Dad sent her a picture of our family? Or did she see one of our pictures at my grandparents’ house? Whatever it may be.

We’ve reached at home with no else around. I thought Mom and Dad might be still at work or in a meeting with either clients or friends. My younger annoying brother might still be at school bullying kids or at a friend’s house.

I let her rest and sat at the couch and brought her some tea. I asked her for her name, and if she’s one of my Mom’s or Dad’s aunts. But she nod. I guess to say yes.  For a moment I was silent. Struck by her features, she doesn’t look too old at all. She looks like she can even run in a marathon and can do push ups and all.

While observing her she asked me, “Katherine, if you could be given super powers what would it be, and why?” For a while I was paralyzed. Why would this woman ask me some Ms. Universe stuff? Thinking she might be bored and just wanted to start a small talk.

“I want an invisible power.” I answered, smiling to her.


“Oh well, I just wanted to be invisible to be in my crush’s room without him seeing me, so I could stare at his beautiful face while sleeping…”

“Hah! That’s selfish of you!” She cut me off and hit me with her cane.  “Can you have any other reasons you wanted that kind of super power?” She continued, scolding me and repeatedly hitting me with her cane.

If probably I’d never met my grandparents I would be easily annoyed with this woman. Because she was oh well, becoming annoying by hitting me with her cane and scolding me for giving her an answer that does not makes sense for her. “Why would I be needing that super power anyway?” I told her as she settled and took a deep breath.

“Because everyone can be a hero, but only a few are chosen to be super. And you are one of those chosen ones. ” For a while I thought it was a quote from a movie. I smirked.  Then she held her cane up again and hit me once again. I held my hands to cover my face in defense that the cane might hit my face. This time it was stronger than earlier, but it didn’t hurt me. When I opened my eyes, she was gone.

That evening I told my parents about the old woman. No one actually believed that she disappeared just like that. But when I woke up the next day, I felt weird. Not that I am already weird in every way, but I just felt different. And when I saw my reflection on the mirror, my eyes went big to see changes in my body. My hips looked curvy, my thigh were bigger than before, I felt more energized, and did my hair grew longer?

As if in a dream, I cut my observation and hurried for school.

As I approach our class room I saw JD approaching. My heart beat like drums and my head played a sweet song as he moves closer to me. He looked at me. Straight to my eyes! My knees went jelly and I fell down the floor. But wait, did he just by passed me? That a$$#0Le!

Later that day, I heared a girl crying and begging or something. I looked around me but everyone was attentively listening to the teacher. The voice went from crying to screaming. I panicked. My voice was shaking while asking my teacher and my classmates if they’ve heard the voice of a girl. They looked at me curiously. And then the students from the upper floor of our building were running. Another teacher came in to let my teacher know whats was happening.

When we reached the grounds of our building, we saw one of the students at the roof deck. She was walking backwards, reaching the edge of the roof.  As if someone told me to run, I did run going to the roof deck. My breathing were so fast, my heart was beating so fast too, am I nervous? What am I doing here anyway? The guy, who’s  face is familiar, looked at me.

“So, what are you doing here lil freak?” He asked looking at me like he wanted to skin me alive.

“I guess I’m here to save her.” I said in a shaky voice. And why am I saying this line by the way? My head snapped.

Then he walked towards me, I saw the girl standing still at the edge of the roof. I shouted at her to move. With her left energy she ran faster towards the door going down but she was caught by another guy. Damn this bully people!

“Why do you even wanted to kill her anyway?” I shouted.

“Because she can’t be mine!” The guy in front of me answered.

“That’s bull$#i+, you know! You can’t have anything you want!”

“Oh really? What if I kill you first then save the best for last, huh?” He threatened me.

And as if there’s someone pushed my hand, I punched him  and he fell down the ground.

Surprise with what I just did, I moved backwards and looked at the other guys who now came out from somewhere surrounding me.

“Tough freak. Tough!” One guy said, jerking. He came closer to grab my arm. I twisted and kicked him on the face. One guy came and another one did. But as if I am a controlled character from a game that my brother  loves to play, I punched, kicked, jumped, ran and knocked the guys out. And then I felt something different from behind. When I turned around the guy who was trying to kill the girl, came closer to me with a baseball bat and tried hitting me. I held my hands to cover my self, but then I didn’t feel anything. I looked back at him, he looked curious and shocked at the same time.

“Where did she go?” His breathing were faster, I could tell. His shirt wet with his sweat. And then I remembered that conversation with the woman. I thought for a while. This must be a dream. I smiled and punched him on the face. He fell on the ground again. And quickly he stood up. Scared, looking hysterically around him for any possible shadow of me. But he can’t see anything. He walked backwards closer to the edge of the roof deck and just like a light paper, he was blown by the wind down to the grounds of the building.

I looked back to the girl, she was confused also. She saw me and asked me who I am. I told her not to tell other people what I’ve done. I told her to keep my identity a secret. That as if she did not see anything, including my face.

I heard stomps coming closer. I closed my eyes and when I opened them back it was some cops who have probably been called by one of the teachers. They looked around. Great! They can’t see me. They asked the girl what happened.

“Someone came here and saved me.”

“Do you know his name?” A cop asked.

“No. It was some stranger.” She answered.

I smiled. Good. From now on I would use this power to save the bullied people and anyone who needs my help. But only until tonight, I’m gonna visit my prince charming and watch him sleep.  😉


Seriously? This is how I’m gonna save the day? hahaha! This is a trial for story telling. And yeah, not even close to being a good writer. But let me know if this is a nice try or wut.  I’ll try to read more books about action and adventures. I better in romance. 😉

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