NaBloPoMo 2013 | Day: 6 My First Blog Post vs Me

Prompt: How do you feel about the first blog you ever wrote?

Writing is discovering what and who you are.



Not too long ago but due to elderly symptoms I’ve discovered blogging out of fangirling to Sam Concepcion (a local artist). My first blog was published with blogspot. The name was quite out of nowhere too, it was: “Luvs and Whatsoever” which tag line was “Online Diary”.

Yes, it was an online diary. My first post was written around 2008. The title was “The princess’ dream turned nightmare”, and it contained nothing but the programming codes for one of my subject’s project.  I don’t even know why I have to post that online, but ever since that post I felt the need to explain my self through that blog. Following that post was an explanation of why I was taking a Computer course when it should have been Literature.  From then on, I felt comfortable in opening up a part of my personal life to the public. I have also realized that by blogging, I am discovering more about my self.

Blogging became my best friend.

I’ve already deleted that blog when I moved to wordpress. Although today, I’ve realized I shouldn’t have deleted it for me to see how far did my blogging go- if I really am going that far. 😀


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* Thoughts are really hard to find when you just had a veeeery long day at work. I’m a night owl because of work and looking back to the first 3 posts of this challenge makes me think about cheating (i.e. writing the challenges during rest days and posting them all in one day), but cheating is a NO-NO. So yeah. Hopefully will be able to write more this Friday since it’s my rest day. And I’m so excited for Day 11. You don’t have to wild guess. Just refer here. 😀


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