Prompt: Where is your favorite place to connect with friends?

A chat online would be good for me to get in-touch with you my dear friend. But a day with you in a place where we can bring back the old days and set the future would be best. I promise I’ll talk… I’ll try. 😉


My friends (not just facebook friends), are my source of almost everything; from courage, inspiration… to annoyance, disappointment and all that jazz. hah! But no kidding. My friends are my GPRS when I am a little lost.

I have a few different set of friends: my high school and college classmates, my former and current colleagues (including my bosses 😉 ), my crushes (oh yeah! 😀 ) and my fandom friends (the only friends who understand my frustration about being a JRocker and everything related).

The way I connect with these groups are different from each other too.

I love to spend a day or two at the beach with high school and college classmates and reminisce the good ol’ cray-cray student days. Although my corporate friends would also love the outdoors, but the idea of spending a time with them with a cup of coffee in a solemn (that word!) place would be great too.

On the other hand, my favorite way to connect with my fandom friends is a whole day of fangirling and all that crazy stuff, either on or offline. Nothing beats the joy when you see their reactions and hear their laughs personally. My fandom friends are the best- if I may say that. 😀 Although my other friends are too, but the thought that everyone else can relate with your day dreams is the best! haha.

And my crushes? Forget about mentioning them. I don’t normally connect with them I just love adding them to my list. hahaha!

And here’s something true about me – and most of us:

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