NaBloPoMo 2013 | Day 8: Internet Connection vs Me [late post due to storms]

Prompt: How do you feel when you’re unconnected to the internet?

Part of being happy is being connected.

… which is by a way a perfect timing because we lost our electricity and the internet connection due to the recent storm. But everything’s sunny now. Though, most of us especially those who are badly affected are still in recovering process. But they’ll get there, that’s for sure. Pinoy‘s always survive. Don’t we? 😉


Internet has evolved through the years; from being the main source of information now being the main way of communication. And how do people feel whenever thy’re unconnected to the cyber world? Aggravated. Furious. Frustrated. Lame. Looser. They feel older than they normally are. They feel like dying, some even think about committing suicide.

Okay, those are just the exaggerated reactions I could think based on my observation on people in facebook. 😀 And how about me? How I do feel when I am not connected to the internet? That depends with the situation. And I’ll tell you what, I can get as furious as a lion needs to eat. haha.

Imagine me:

1. With heavy thoughts, in front of the computer, blogging. And then suddenly, wordpress says “Auto save blah-blah-blah”. Say hello to Kath:

Photo from:

2. Chatting with a friend and suddenly facebook chat box became disabled. This is me:

Photo from:

3. Stalking er- Browsing through my crush’s facebook profile, saw a most recent photo, but even before I clicked on the photo the yellow sign showed off on my wifi-signal bars.

Photo from:

4. On a vacation in the province where internet connection sucks. That’s meh!- but here’s me:

Photo from:

But imagine me in front of the computer  for five hours with the fast internet connection…

Photo from:

You see, no matter how I love the web, nothing beats the information I can get from the newspaper,  or the new lessons from a book or a magazine, and the joy of a friend’s classic joke that made the cola came out from nose, and the good thoughts I could pour on a piece of paper. As they say: Physical connection is better than digital. But hey, thanks to the internet my friend needs not to wait for my letter and post card to arrive ages after. 😉

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