NaBloPoMo 2013 | Day 9: Awesome turned Weird Thing vs Me

Prompt: What’s the most awesome thing/moment you have realized but suddenly it turned out weird?

Smell a tiny flower and you’ll be amazed as to how strong its scent than the bigger one’s. 


Just because I am very idiosyncratic, and have a lot of eccentricity in life… just because according to my recent learning: “when you savor every moment, you’ll be amazed as to how awesome a simple thing can be”, I’ll list down the awesome things I’ve realized in the recent days.

1. The smell of 9 AM in IT Park. You know that dried grassy smell with the heat of the road. Don’t you?

2. Acting energetic can boost energy.

3. The color of the fire has blue at the bottom.

4. Cebu traffic smells nice. Unlike Manila’s. Just saying.

5. 100% proven and tested that when I walk further than the distance between my room and the bathroom; I day dream.

6. The texture of the clothes in Forever 21.

7. Mega Mall’s Forever 21 crisp  smell compared to other branches. And I already miss that smell.

8. Smiling to strangers who has a cute baby or pet with them. And I don’t smile to guys. Sorry. hahaha!

9. I feel more energetic and alive when I sleep less than six hours.

10. And as you see my nose realizes more than any of my senses. 😀

These are just some of the most recent stuff, I have a lot more and more to realize. 😉

And by the way, I didn’t know that by being sarcastic can actually lower down your temper. Have you tried that?

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