Still in the nightmare

Hello there katacheme readers!

I’m sorry my November challenge is on freeze for quite sometime now. Yolanda (the most recent typhoon which international name is Haiyan that hit the Philippines and almost washed-off a part of it) , had broke my heart that I cannot continue writing. Even an entry about this nightmare is still on my journal waiting to be finished.

Today, am gonna take sometime off to pinch my self and wake up from this nightmare. To stand up for my fellow waray-waray’s who were drowned in the deepest memories of Yolanda and reach my hand out to help them. Sobbing in my room while alone won’t help them, not eating any food won’t feed them and basically, being down won’t lift them up. So, I’ll borrow a time today since it’s my rest day from work and bring my self up to help my fellow Filipinos.

I can will do this!

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