November Drama: Halo-halo. Mashed-up. Mixed tape. Blended.

Sigh. Where should I start? A lot of things have been happening ever since November came in. Guess the song should have been “Wake me up when November ends” instead of September.

Yah better werk b**tch!

Things have been not so right yet not so wrong at work. I’ve been quite happy with my daily routine until November came in and felt tired and almost getting sick of it. My work became as hell as I don’t expected it to be. And I’ve no idea how and why. I think I need a new way to keep my interest towards my work. It’s not usual to me that I easily get tired of the same ol’ things I do every day. Because this is also the main reason I left my first and second company. Despite of bigger promotion chances in my first company- and despite of the inspiration I have. Guess I need a new way to enjoy my work every now and then to keep my butt working.

One way love sucks! No matter how true.

In October, my not-so-secret blog turned two, and it occurred to me that even after a year of not seeing him or even his shadow I still feel the same way- or even worse. I thought by moving to Cebu and keeping my self out of Manila would change everything including my heart. But no. It’s not what happened and it’s not happening. I feel so hopeless this feeling would sink and be buried somewhere in the islands of central Visayas. And it sucks that I am the only feeling this. It sucks that I don’t have a tiny idea if I ever cross his mind, or if he’s feeling the same way. I need someone to break this spell! And I can’t wait when it’ll happen!

Good bye Yolanda, don’t see us again please!

Super typhoon Yolanda which international name’s Haiyan hit the Visayas area in less than a month after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake shook the central part of the country.  It broke not only houses and trees, it also broke so many hearts by taking away EVERYTHING including the lives of thousands people.

No country, not even as happy and strong as Filipinos deserve this catastrophe. Not especially when Christmas is just some few days away.  But who to blame? It’s a natural disaster which I believe even God didn’t wish to happen. Mother Nature might be mad by how people abuse her, but let’s not go deeper into that. Not only Philippines abuses her. Not only Filipinos are sinners.  So let’s not argue about how we live our lives, who we praise and what we believe in.

I’m thankful and heaven knows how much I am to see my sister and my relatives alive and kicking despite of the devastation.  I’m also glad that my fellow Waraynons are striving so hard to live longer. And I am grateful for all the help that they are receiving, especially the help from other countries.

Christmas is just 25 days as I write. There might be no happy and colorful Christmas lights that’ll light in every street and corner in some parts of Samar and Leyte. There might be no voices of children singing Christmas songs in each and every household. There might be no Christmas décor to remind them how Merry Christmas is. But I know there will be smiles on each and every face that brings tears to my eyes.

My heart and prayers belong to you fellow waray-waray’s.  May you have a gratifying Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Ma-tindog kita tanan! Waray mabul-iw!




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