November Faves

My monthly faves! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sister Act

Sneaks from Schubiz


Just because Iโ€™ve sworn not to wear high heels on a daily basis, I become easily addicted to Flats. Though, I still have my eyes to gorgeous high heels despite of that incident happened while trying on some pair of sky-high back in August.

These fun sneaks attract me while shopping for some new pair of ballet flats a couple of days ago. Say, hitting 2 birds in one stone and getting one real bird- but at least I still got the other bird. Getting me so far? Hahaha!

Journal de Katacheme


This travelerโ€™s journal is sooo musty! ย Okay-okay. Iโ€™m really addicted to journals and notepads and stick on notes and anything paper. And am actually starting to count my collection because Iโ€™ve been buying them almost every visit to the mall or to the bookstore.

Bee my Bag!

This cutie-pie shouts kawaii in max volume. Myโ€ฆ

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