An impromptu holiday to Cordova

Tuesday shift conversation with my manager:

Me: I’m tired!

Manager: Sit down and let’s talk. What’s up?

Me: I’m getting tired of the routine. I feel like just spending my whole day on bed.

Manager: I have available slots for 5 and 6. Wanna take that?

Me: huh? Oh, Thank you!

That was fast! haha!


So after work, I packed my bag, filled it with the stuff I’ll need for my impromptu holiday. I could not let a day pass by with this chance. So I headed to Cordova (the nearest and so far the only place I know where I could easily run to whenever I need some good rest and some thinking).

Sandbar has been on my list since October. My sister and I have been planning to visit the place ever since, but I never had that time because of my work schedule. But now I had to go there alone. Just me. Because my sister is at home (Samar). But, it’s still satisfying because I was able to find some time to take the most wonderful rest of my life as far as I could remember.


It was a weekday when I get there. So I was surrounded by some Korean guests.

So what did I do to savor my “me time”?


The basics.

Sat down at the pretty chairs facing the beach and felt the warm afternoon sea breeze while I read Fern Michaels.


I soaked my self in the pool under the four pm sun until it sets and thought about the things I need to think: happiness project, 2014 bucket list, and mainly the reasons I need to keep my butt working.

November made me feel exhausted and stressed at work. Well, not that the month is frustrating because of Yolanda. Okay, Yolanda is frustrating! Pun aside. It’s mainly about my work. My work is the main source of my frustration, anxiety, anger and irritation. I have been thinking about quitting because I feel like I want to rest from working for at least a year. But thinking now about how hard it is to complete the papers needed for the new job makes me quit from thinking about quitting. And didn’t I admit once to my former manager how much I hate starting from the scratch? TM Mikko will kill me if I leave that conversation aside. 😀


I loved it how a little vacay in Cordova could change the way I think.  C’mon put all the dramas in me! Haha! But am glad Mactan Island is pretty accessible. Cebu is so far the best place I’ve ever been!

Getting away from the concrete jungle and the wild life at work is so easy here. Everything is accessible… beaches, resorts, affordable hotels and spas.


Now unto Sandbar. I couldn’t say more! The staff is so warm and approachable. Each and every staff would smile at you when they see you. They’ll greet you hi when they pass by.  And I felt pampered at all. Thank you! Your service is amazing!


How I got there? I took a van from SM to Cordova. It’s actually easy to get there as I didn’t think could be. The van stops in Poblacion. Took a “sikad” to Sandbar. Easy pizzy! If you’re taking different routes, their website is also detailed about how to get there.

On their site, it shows that the Day-in use of the resort is P500 and during promos it’s at P250 to P300. But during weekdays, the day-in use is actually at P250 only. This is less expensive as I never thought.  Though, the room rates on the website are up to date.

Check out the resort here:





Katacheme loves Sandbar this much!


More photos are up on the hobby category in an attempt to postcard photos. 😉



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