Epilogue: How does it feel to finish a 30 day blogging challenge for the first time? Any future plans?


I’ve got reasons excuses. And they’re nonsense!

  • My schedule won’t allow me. I’m a night owl and when I get home from work my body aches for my bed.
  • Because of Yolanda, we lost electricity for quite a while and there has been schedule of brown outs to support the electricity of the near by areas that was terribly hit by the super typhoon.
  • I was just so exhausted about what had happened. I lost some friends because of the typhoon. It made me worry to death for my sister and relatives who were trapped inside the house. Yolanda just broke my heart I was paralyzed for quite some time! ;(

Next time probably? Alas! I have monthly dramas that I hope I could keep up ’til next year. My happiness project has also been in my journal as well as my bucket list 2014. So yeah, I’ve got plans for next year! 😉