2013 Adventures: The Big Events

Moments, experiences, lessons, realization and adventures of 2013. And I can’t believe they all happened in the same year!


January: I’ve realized call center is for me and no other industry is.

After resigning from the second company in November, I worked in a medical school as an Admin Records Officer. I kept all the files and records of the students and at the same time act as a front desk officer. The role itself isn’t difficult for me. I’ve enjoyed my day life and after my work I still found time to blog. Those were the days when both Mushy Kitty and Random Venus were active. I’ve earned a couple of visits and readers.  Until December came and I easily got bored. I missed interacting with different people from the different side of the world. I miss talking. You know how much I don’t really talk in person and call center is the only industry that lets out the extrovert in me. So in January, I decided to go back to where my comfort zone is.

February:  I finally quit from chasing the undreamed dream and decided to let mom decide for me.

There are two main reasons I wanted to go back to my first company. One, I missed my friends and workmates. I also miss handling travel inquiries and arrangements. And second, I was head over heels, madly, deeply in-love with someone. I was dancing to the desperate tango. So when Mom called in and asked me to leave Manila and start all over again in Cebu, I was having thoughts. Daring my self to stay in a place where I don’t know a single word of their language was a huge thing for me.

March: Took my mom’s suggestion in relocating to Cebu.

I did. I packed ALL my stuff and thought of not looking back. The Metro has been a life for me, no matter how hell it has been.  And you might ask why mom would pick Cebu. She grew up here. We have relatives here. And my cousin is studying here she needs a company, especially that she will be living alone in their house in Mactan next year. So, for a change, I decided to say yes.

April: I sang to Taylor Swift’s 22, ooh ooh!

Do I have to say more? Hahaha!

May-June: Said hello to Cebu and to the new company.

And I wrote this note in June:


August: Prometheus was born!

I was so happy then. I’ve got awesome people to work with, a Team Manager who became an inspiration, and basically just people who I loved working with. Until….

September: We can’t win the battle so we were separated to different kingdoms. ;(

We can’t win- really. It was as if we were left with no choice. Our manager is needed in another department, so we have to be in separate teams. I was alone to go to Zeus, and adjustments weren’t easy at all. It took me until last week to crack a joke and laugh at their jokes. And joined them in their little conversations during breaks and lunch. Yes. I was so attached to my old team that even if we are working on the same floor, I still miss them. And hey, I also miss TM Mikko’s laugh! ;(

October: 7.5 magnitude shook Bohol and Cebu. The most horrifying experience yet of my existence!

I thought I was going to die. I thought my life will end at 22. And thanks God it didn’t happen. After all, he still has amazing plans for me. 🙂

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November: Yolanda didn’t only scare me to death, it also broke my heart! I lost one of the most important people of my life: Sir Fred.

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December: Happiness Project, Bucket List 2014, 2014 Adventures all brewing in one month. 

You see, it has been a roller coaster ride. And I can’t wait what’s in for me in 2014!



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