December Drama: Merry is the Christmas!

I have reasons not be joyous for this year’s Christmas, but I’ve got more reasons to be jolly and be grateful for this year.

December Drama

My family celebrated the Christmas at home with so much fun. I know, I miss that little gathering every year at home with neighborhoods and relatives.

My year has been a total roller coaster ride and am glad how those lessons taught me how to appreciate life and enjoy every bit of it. These lessons are the main reason I am brewing my 2014 happiness project.

When I started this new blog name in August, I knew it’ll be the start of something new. Although the same contents as what probably most of my readers have seen in my previous blogs, katacheme is showing more of what I have and what I can be without fear and remorse. And I hope to keep this positive trons in my body until it ages.

People know that the so-called “love life” is not my top issue in this world. But heaven knows how many prayers I have sent to look at someone’s eyes as it also looks at mine. hahaha! But no kidding. Despite of my happy-living as a single lady, my 22 years has been filled with “Dear Santa, I’ll be good this year! Just puhlease let me meet the man of my dreams!” :))

Two years has been a timeline, and in two years I have developed a habit that even out of nothing I’ve got to see a familiar face, smell a familiar scent and hear a familiar voice that despite of the distance, it feels and it looks… and it seems like the man is just behind me. Okay, I’ve got to be kidding my self! Change topic.

If asked what would be the biggest decision I’ve made this year that made me proud of, I say it’ll be this decision to re-locate my self (like literally :D) here in Cebu.

I miss my Manila friends, my after work life, the LArcMNL events and the IT guy (hahaha! okay remove him from here. Fine, let him stay there. :D). And I thought moving to Cebu will make me a sobber. And voila! I’ve met new friends, liked my job for the first time and about to love it. I’ve realized my happiness items, brewed my own happiness project, learned a new language including their gay-lang, and all these insane pardon the next word- damn good things that happened to me in 7 months of staying here. And I can’t wait to see what’s in for me in 2014, though my planner is already filled with reserved trips and dates. Viva Cebu!

There’s one last wish I have for December and the up coming year, may God warmed the hearts of the people who needs it, especially the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Christmas used to be so festive in Tacloban, but this year the city turned suddenly from colorful to plain black. And I hope that the survivors, despite of loosing some of their loved ones may find a reason to thank God for another life.

My prayers are also with the people who despite of race and differences shared their love and blessings to the Filipino people. Damo nga salamat (Thank you) once again in behalf of the waray-warays!

And I have nothing more to wish for my family aside from the continues good health and blessings that we are receiving. And I thank God for giving me this loving and supportive family who proved me that despite of the misunderstandings that happened in a year, we are still a one big and I must say, a happy family!

Merry Christmas everyone!

God Bless us all in the coming year and beyond! (May I borrow your words, TM Mikko! :D)


This is already a verrrry late post. And I know it’s a lame excuse, but yes, wifi connection at our place is not yet fixed. Am already looking for some alternatives and is planning to get a pocket wifi or a broadband though. And in case you are wondering, as I post this I am in an internet cafe. πŸ™‚

So if I may add, HAPPY NEW YEAR wordpress!


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