A lesson I have learned from the 23 years of marriage

23 years and still counting.

I am truly amazed by the number. After all, I have heard, seen and felt the misunderstandings, the fights and arguments that most of the times lead to sleeping on separate rooms.

January 16, 1991, four months before I came into this world; my mom was the happiest woman in the world. After that day she became from a darling to a warrior. Their marriage unlike in movies and novels have been rocked not only once or twice but so many times it almost broke our home.Β  And one thing I have learned from those days is that love no matter what happens will conquer all.
It may sound mushy, but believe me, it does. It did.
There have been those nights I would look at my Mama blankly as if I don’t care what is happening. But deep down inside I feel part of her pain.
Women. There have been numerous affairs that Papa had. I grew up seeing a woman and calling her names and tell people she’s a home wrecker. I grew up not trusting my Papa’s faithfulness to my Mama. There were those days I would wonder if ever I would really consider marrying someone like my Dad, because I doubt his loyalty.

But of course those were the times not only was the marriage is being put into test, but also the love and trust of the children.
But of course it’d be unfair for my Dad to put all blame to his secret affairs.
Mom also caused some of those painful days.
Once her social life had gone over the bar. She’d sometimes come home late at night, with only 16 year old me and my 15 year old sister as the adults left in charge to look after our younger siblings.
Financial issues had also been a huge contributor of these obstacles. It also shook our lives until one almost gave up. But as their theme song says: “Don’t give up on us, baby”.
23 years and still counting. No words would ever best describe my awe to these years. Imagine, two years from now we’ll be celebrating their silver anniversary. 25 more years later, their golden anniversary. 50 more years after- who knows, it’s going to be their centennial.

Love conquers all.

You have heard this phrase a lot of times. I did. And most of times this phrase comes from the people who have been there, done that and everything about love. I might not be able to tell what exactly it does to conquer everything, how really it conquered, and why it does; but I know it does. It did. A lot of times. And I believe it always will.

Now I must say, I am proud to have watched and still watching this love story as I grow old. I know I will learn more as the days pass by. And eventually could tell why, how and in what way does love conquers all.

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