January Drama: Year kick off


Energy Boosters and feeling bad

It didn’t occur to me that doing house chores can boost energy until this month.

When 2014 came in and even a few days before, I have been preparing my self for some grand actions to make my happiness project a success.

January resolutions focused on my job. Being the source of energy which I started in way back December has been quite a little bit of a coaster. Considering that feeling bad is part of happiness, probably I could say I have succeeded a bit.

I’d send my teammates some short stories, articles I’ve wrote and some quotes I found inspiring. And they enjoyed it much including my manager who’s actually the one who asked me to do it as part of my team weekly task.

During off from work I’d do laundry, clean up the entire house, scrub the floors from the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom. And suddenly, I’ve realized how energizing house chores can be. I mean, when you started sweeping you wanted to do more and see everything shine.

At work though, there will be those times a person (can be a co-employee or a customer) would trigger the alarm. I have a very short temper that travels from one place to another. It’s uncontrollable. And I’m thankful that the bad days can just be waved away by just acting jolly, and also by staying near my boss’ workstation. I assume you know why. hahaha!

On cutting people slack and internalizing the Law of Garbage truck

Β Cut people slack. Or simply, thinking of some reasons for others’ behavior. I have been trying to get this attitude a habit especially that I wok in the BPO industry. But it is just too hard for me to keep this kind of attitude. Sometimes, I would think; how come people don’t understand what’s ought to be done to get things straightened out? How on earth they would think that it’s difficult on their part when they haven’t tried it? When instead of following instructions, they choose to do it their own way just because they think their smart enough to fix it? A few wonders more and I’m already annoyed and distracted.

So when the Law of Garbage Truck came into my inbox, I tried to look farther from it. The law is simple, it’s like cutting people slack in a different way (ex: waving at a person who raised their middle finger on you and imagine how bad their day could be). It’s crazy. But what I’d do is even crazier. Say, someone is yelling at me demanding me to do something out of my job description. I’ll let them yell but when it’s time for me to speak, I’d try to calm my voice. The calmer the better. I would imagine how painful it can be for them to shout till their nerves explode. And when the other person started to talk slowly and easy, I’d feel victorious.

This law taught me how to find ways in understanding others’ behavior and looking at it in a humorous way.

Β On ruining the one year time line and moving on

Β I have 7 points on my attendance. These points mean I have been unproductive the past 7 months of stay in the company. The higher the points the worse employee you are. Not that I mean not going to work just because I’m lazy. Most of these points were due to medical reasons but they’d still add it because I’m still absent anyway. I don’t know about yours, but this is how it works on ours.

When I had my first coaching with my previous manager, I told him that one year from that day I’d be promoted and five years after that, I’d be sitting to where he’s seated. This amazed him.

But voila! In six months tops, I already have attendance issues that’d hinder me from getting that position by the end of the first quarter of 2014 and it’ll take me until July of this year to clean up that mess which for me as I look at it now, impossible. But I’ve got to do it anyway if I want to see my self progress.

I’ve got to kick some backsides on my way to that position, but I have to start scrubbing my attendance points first. πŸ™‚

Β Odd desires. Ridiculous dreams

Β I was sitting there, holding a paper and a photo. Though I could not see clearly what’s on these things. I called out someone, “Dad,” and I’ll mumble. A man in front of me looked at me with still face.

That face! That very exact face! Why am I calling him dad? I’d wonder.

The following day, the same set up but instead of calling him Dad, I called him “Hon”. Still I’d mumble the rest of the words.

The same face.

The next day after that, the stuff I was holding were seen clearly. An old photo of a boy wearing a red shirt and jeans. A photo taken in the 80’s, my guess. The boy looks like Japanese, he adorably looks like the man I was calling Dad the other day and Hon yesterday.

The paper I was holding is an itinerary. And the only letters I’ve read were MNL.

Now what’s this dream all about that lasted for a week?

Why am I having a dream like this about him? I don’t get it. Is it about my desire of being close to him? Is it about admiring someone like him? Is it because he’s been running in my head these days?

Is it because I don’t really care about his gender preferences, and I’m trying not to admit but admitting it anyway that I think I like him more than being just a friend?

I don’t get my self. But am not giving me a hard time. Eventually, this too shall pass like the other one. Though, I just have to be patient for that day to come.

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