February Drama: The inevitable. Re-attaching to reality.

Change. No matter how awful the word may be, there’s no escape from it.
Truly, there is no permanent in this world except for change. And often I wonder why this thing even exists. Who discovered it? And why it works like that?

I have been a fan of change. As a kid, I don’t easily get attach to things, people and places. I am used of moving from one place to another and meeting new people. This used to be my strength until I redesigned my life two years ago.

Lately I’ve realized, I have been attaching my self my self too much to the point of not seeing my self a day without these things… these people… this place. It may sound exaggerating, but I’m afraid of letting go from all of these.

Change is what makes us human. It is what I think that makes the world round.

Change is everywhere. It happens anytime it wishes to happen. Sometimes if not most of the times, it happens in an unexpected way. Often it happens when you feel like not changing at all.

Change had tested the way I look into things. It tested even my faith. With all of these changes happening in my life, I no longer know my self. Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror looking for someone I know and found no one but a new person. But with all of these, I have finally came into a realization that I am changing for something good. Someone better than the past.Β  And I say thank you for those changes “who” and “that” made me into a new version of me.




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