Newest Kawaii Place in Cebu: Cafe Namoo

Early February, my news feed has been filled with photos and status updates about Cafe Noriter and Cafe Namoo. And since then, I have been craving for my favorite iced latte.

Coffee since my happiness projectΒ  started seemed to be hiding from my daily perk-me-up list, not to mention I have also been religiously drinking more water these days. But at times specially when I need something to wake me up from a deep slumber, coffee would seduce me by it’s addictive aroma.

So sometime last week, I dropped by Cafe Noriter in Ayala. I had a sip of my fave iced latte and giggled over the cuteness of their interior. Though the place was a bit crowded on that day. It was a weekend and the place is very accessible because it’s near the mall, so I should not be surprise. But I still was.

The visit to Cafe Noriter didn’t satisfy my craving. I was looking for something and couldn’t find it there.

So came Sunday, I asked my friend Clark (my partner in different crimes πŸ™‚ ) to bring me toΒ  Cafe Namoo which is near his place in Banilad.

The place looks the same as Cafe Noriter, only a bit wider and cozier. I had to enjoy an hour or two of me-time because Clark came in late, which I didn’t mind because he just came off from work and I was able to enjoy my book.


It was a Sunday and most of the guests were students doing their take-home school works and projects and sorts of that, or merely just catching up with friends after a long week.The interior is the same as Cafe Noriter, so my guess, they have the same owner. πŸ™‚

I’m in-love with stick-on notes and this place is just a heaven to me with it’s stick-on notes posted by the guests everywhere.Β  The cute stickers on the wall also tickled my heart.

It’s really cute and so cozy.I enjoyed my book while sipping an iced mocha.

I also had a romantic time with the honey bread. I thought at first, it was just a regular loaf of bread with honey spread, but when it came to my table, nah-uh! My eyes were cheering for joy and surprise (I love good surprises! wink*wink), and the waiter probably have noticed my childish reaction and smiled at me telling me to enjoy my honey bread.


A bread with honey filling, topped with crepes and chocolate syrup with my favorite almonds sprinkled happily over the bread! (And I really have to put an exclamation mark there. hahaha) The bread is actually good for two people, but if you’re in love with almonds and honeys and chocolate syrups more than your friends, then you might not share it with others. πŸ˜€

I enjoyed my afternoon chill. Clark was right, the place is perfect for reading books, writing, catching up with friends, bonding with the fambam, or just enjoy your me-alone-time.


And of course, a visit won’t be complete without posting something. I’m absolutely going back to spend more time in this place. And I surely will bring my stick-on notes on the next visit and the visits after every visit. πŸ˜€

Visit Cafe Namoo at the 2nd flr, Northgate Center, Banilad,Β  Cebu City.

Check out their Facebook page:

Enjoy the week, kawaii people!



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