I Dropped Myself in Alcoy

IMG_20140331_081746Recalling the numbers:
8 hours of work, exactly 24 hours of no sleep and only stole a quick sleep during the 3 hour ride from the city to Alcoy. 8 bunch of people I always see in the office but not really close friends. 1 night. 2 bottles of Brandy. A set of playing cards. A magic trick and some crazy games. More laughter. 1 drunk and lost person: me!

I didn’t get the chance to join the other team’s getaway to Camotes Island because I had to work on a Sunday. Initial plan was to visit El Salvador in Danao or a lunch in Busay with my cousin. But when a group of people from another team invited me for an overnight getaway in Alcoy, I didn’t think twice and said yes. Although, technically I was still thinking about saying yes because of a lady-ish issue. You know the monthly issue.

Anyway, so off to Alcoy we go.

How we got there:
From south bus terminal, we took the roads for almost if not 3 hours to Daan Lungsod in Alcoy. The beach resorts are just along the national road, so it’s easy to find the targeted destination.

Where we spent the night:
It was a weekend, Sunday to be exact and it is expected that beach resorts are fully booked specially that classes have already ended for some schools. After minutes of walking along the shores of Daan Lungsod finding a good place to stay and would fit the ladies’ taste (i.e. exclusive comfort room, clean with nice smell), we found a pink room in Tingko Beach Resort.
IMG_20140331_084930Although there’s none much of water activities, you could still find reasons to enjoy the beach. Cool crystal clear waters, ocean breeze, the powdery white sand and the people with you, of course.

Unforgettable moments:
Sunrise and sunset viewing. It was magnificent! The feeling of awe when the horizon just turned orange while everything else turns black in a silhouette way. I didn’t take a swim. Instead, I dipped myself in the cool waters while watching the sun goes up.
I dropped my self last night that I needed to dip my self in the waters for long. It was the first time in my drinking history that I had such feeling. After the second bottle of brandy, I excused my self and did not return. I felt so dizzy, that my surrounding just suddenly turned blurry and the feeling of floating in the air, aching to lie and sleep. I was still aware of what was happening, I could still hear them calling my name- looking for me but I don’t have the energy to shout and say “I’m here”. I was whispering, calling for their help to get me off and take me to the room.

Thankfully, Renz found me! Of course I felt a sudden guilt when I heard his voice. I know I scared them all and felt sorry about it. What happened in Alcoy will not happen anywhere else. I don’t want to scare people anymore. πŸ™‚

SAM_0636 SAM_0631 SAM_0634 SAM_0623

To cap this post off because “What happened in Alcoy stays in Alcoy”, check out these blogs that features Alcoy as a destination for summer getaways.

This summer, school is out and most people are on vacay. So I suggest you book your cottages and all ahead of time. We wished to stay in Edward’s place but they were already fully booked when we got there. According to the owner, some of their guests booked a month in advance just to be sure.


Enjoy the summer!

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