#Crazy23: Dreams while growing up


Question: As a kid, have you dreamed about becoming someone when you grow up but end up changing dreams as you get older?

I do.

When I was six, I wanted to be a Lawyer like my uncle. I’ve imagined my self in a court defending and fighting justice for my client. My favorite subject then was English. Just because I wanted to speak the language fluently.

When I was seven though and discovered my habit of writing anything on my books and notebooks, I realize I wanted to write my own book to inspire the world. The dream lasted until I turned eleven.

I was in fifth grade and dreamed to be a super model. I didn’t know Chanel Iman or Tyra Banks then. I only know I wanted to be one from reading my aunt’s magazines and striking a pose in the mirror. This was when I also learned how to put on powder on my face and apply a lipstick. This was also the stage when I started wearing my aunt’s high heels, because she’s petite and our foot size is almost the same. Her’s only an inch longer. My mom didn’t know I was wearing heels to school until my teacher called her attention.

Of course, she was worried about me wearing the five inches heels to school at my very young age. So, she bought me a pair of sandals with a bit of heels. I was really happy and I felt like a supermodel every time I walk. Yes, the pathways at school, the classroom and the plaza was my runway.

In high school though, everything changed and they kept on changing. I wanted to be a popular dancer, an award-winning stage actress, a stewardess, a teacher, and a best selling author.

But when I did not have the opportunity to study Literature or any writing related course, I chose to study Computer Science. From then, my dreams changed again to becoming one of the powerful women of IT. But later on, this dream scared me.It was quite ambitious and really scary. I stepped back and the interest to Software Engineering only lasted until graduation.

The super model dream is not forgotten. Even until now, I still imagine my face on one of the billboards along Edsa. Dreaming is free, so why not dream bigger. Right? :))

But honestly, alongside with the dream to become a photographer, a well-known blogger and an influential person, I wanted to step up and be daring. Who knows? In few years time, I decided I want to become the boss of my own company. xxx


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