You might have seen me at my weirdest, you might already know the things that would frenzy me. The likes and dislikes and all that stuff. But in case you’re still wondering and confuse about me, here’s a list of things you, as my friend should know. Though, for some reasons I don’t actually like my friends reading my blog. haha!

23. I have the tendency to be quiet, especially around people.
22. But I can be very talkative when I talk to someone I’m very comfortable with.
21. Has an exaggerating reaction to anything pretty and cute.
20. I have a name with almost anything that I own (i.e. stuffed toys, gadgets, etc.)
19. Yes. I talk to my stuffed toys!
18. Addicted to mirrors. Here’s how: I pass by a mirror (anywhere, anytime, anything with reflection), I’d check my hair and the way I look. But I don’t stop to do it. I just continue walking but my focus is on my reflection. I’m an expert in doing this at the mall! 😀
17. I’m not good in keeping up challenges that needs to be part of my daily routine. Yeh, not even my new year’s resolutions. (I’m working hard on this. Promise!)
16. I always carry a notebook and a pen with me. Like, ALWAYS!
15. 1 book. 1 month.
14. A bit obsessive compulsive.
13. My patience is dependent with the situation.
12. I laugh A LOT.
11. Can be a little strict, sometimes.
10. I don’t like cat fights.
9. Secretly competitive.
8. My humor online is far different than my humor in person. I’m awkward in person.
7. Mumbles most of the times.
6. An introvert with a touch of extro.
5. Idiosyncratic.
4. Attracted to men who are on their late 30’s and early 40’s. Some of them are just SEXY.
3. No plans of getting married until 40.
2. I’m bad with numbers. REALLY bad!
1. I am the most artistic Aries! Here are a few of my artworks: