Making it personal in Sogod, Cebu (The Sogod Summer House quick tour)


It’s not about the place. It’s all about the people your are with. Okay, admit it, sometimes we also have to consider the place. Just because moments become memories when there are beautiful people in a beautiful place. Beach resorts these days are quite expensive. And so a family outing or a an out of town trip with friends can be pretty hassle.

We had numerous of beach resorts, from south to east to west before we agreed to one place in Sogod.  First impression was “WOW!” Because the place was beautiful. We got the place for  10,000php. Expensive? Not when you have access to almost everything, including the cable TV, refrigerator, with extra crew to assist you from turning on and off the artificial waterfall and helpers for extra hands in doing chores. It used to be a private escape of the owner from the busy city and now he chose to open it to the public. Here are honest thoughts without too much coating:

The Shuttle:
We included a shuttle in our booking because we don’t want a hassle in getting there, specially that we’ve got stuff and food brought with us. The van can accommodate 15 passengers.  It’s also good to hire a vehicle than commute specially when it’s your first time going there. But going back to Cebu, we rode a jeep from Sogod to Danao and took a van going Cebu.

The House:


At the gate, our first word was a long “wow”. Endless wow’s followed until we got inside the house.

Kids and Kids at heart would love this playground. 🙂



Ten-seater dinning table.
Did I mention you have access to almost everything in the house? Yes. Including this cable TV. :)
Did I mention you have access to almost everything in the house? Yes. Including this cable TV. 🙂

2nd Floor Rooms:

This is how it looks like at the 2nd floor. Pardon my friend, he felt like dancing when he saw how wide the floor is. :)
This is how it looks like at the 2nd floor. Pardon my friend, he felt like dancing when he saw how wide the floor is. 🙂
This is the balcony with a view to the beach.
This is the balcony with a view to the beach.

The cottage:

*All rooms are air conditioned with cozy beds and cabinets to put your things in.

The Pool:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWhy it’s a bit disappointing?
No slide. And a bit smaller than what we expected.  Plus, it’s 3ft  going 5ft deep. So kids under 8 needs supervision when they’re near the pool area.

One of the rules is no drinking and eating in or at the pool area. A cottage near the pool is built for these reasons.

But why not?
Considering it is built mainly as their house away from the city, there should be no room for disappointment. We just expected too much with the pool. A little renovation would probably work.



The Beach:


We did not set so much expectation with the beach area. Because we’ve seen the photos we all are in love and madly in love with white sand, so we thought the beach will just be an option by night. But when we got there, the beach is no longer an option. You have to walk far from the shore to take a swim. Because swimming at the nearer area can be disgusting because of the “clay” and can be painful because of the rocks. You have to wait for high tide if you’d like to taste the salty water.

On the brighter side, if you’re a fan of sun rise and sun set like me, then the beach front is a perfect spot. The sunrise and sunset here are both lovely next to scarily beautiful (I’ll be posting a photo blog about this).

Main gate closes at 7pm and if you’ll need something from the outside, you’ll have to ask assistance from one of the helpers. I did not see any security guards (like the uniformed ones), but you don’t have to worry because the helpers are there to take care of you.  There were 2 to 3 men and a lady who assisted us on our entire stay.  They also have a separate cottage where they stay day in day out 24/7.

The verdict:

Highly recommended for family outing, a night and day with friends and anything exclusive with a personal touch. One more thing, I didn’t have problems in using the comfort rooms which I most of the times have specially when am new to the place… AND, I didn’t have issues in sleeping in the couch at the living room. I was like at home.


It felt like we own the house. Oh well, we own it for a night and a day. Thank you, Sir Mark!

For inquiries and reservations please visit the facebook page: The Summer House


14 thoughts on “Making it personal in Sogod, Cebu (The Sogod Summer House quick tour)

  1. Thank you for your blog. The place seems really huge. Do you have a map on how to get there via motorbike from Mactan? My girlfriend and I rented a motorbike at, and we’re looking for a good place to stay and invite friends over.


    1. Hi Evan! The summer house will be a good choice if you’re inviting friends over. The place is located just along the highway so there will be no challenges in getting there. I don’t have a map myself but google is always my trusted partner. 🙂 Enjoy your stay in Cebu!


  2. i like the place based on how you describe it and pictures are proff … i am now looking for an intimate venue for my wedding and also to house my family from CdeO and i think this will be a perfect place for my big day… is this idea possible? i never seen wedding pictures of this place on the internet that is why im doubtful.


    1. It’s a big house. I estimated 30-50. They have a few rooms but there are sleeping bags. I’m not quite sure though if they’ve made some upgrades. I believe their facebook page is up to date. 🙂


  3. We are going there this summer, we just want to ask where did you hire the shuttle and how much did it cost?


    1. Hi Carol! Apologies for the late response. We hired their shuttle. I’m not sure though if this shuttle is still offered. But if my memory serves me right, it costed us P3,000 one-way. We took a bus ride going back to Cebu.


  4. @mayetdinopol: I assure you that the rest room is great! very spacious- You can even play table tennis inside. i think it’s just cold shower though- no hot shower. i didn’t expect it- satisfied 200% during my visit. Im planning to visit again soon.


    1. Hi Maan! Nope- at least when we visited there was no wifi or internet connection yet. Please visit their facebook page for further information. There were upgrades recently, and I hope internet is part of it. 🙂


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