The Perks of moving in… (or why my body hurts)

Exactly 2 months and three days ago, I moved in with my cousin to their new house in Lapu-Lapu. And just 5 days ago, I moved back in to Cebu, now renting a room with my sisters near the IT Park where I work.

Now what are the perks am I looking at from this new place?

First and foremost, I no longer spend hours on the road with heavy traffic that’s worse than Edsa’s. Second, I save of course from the fare. Imagine my savings from fare alone, almost if not exactly 50 pesos as I estimated the amount in my head.

Third thing which is by the way connected to the first one, I can have enough sleep and I don’t need to wake up too early for work. The distance from my room to my work station is just a few blocks and some meters away. So yes! Hurray, for the new place!

Also, although I don’t see this as a perk myself.  For my parents, this is also a good start for me to think about savings and be 100% responsible. Now that I have to pay for the rent, I think my monthly plans (i.e. short trips and all that jazz) would be limited and minimal. Especially now that I am also helping my Papa in sending my sister to school, which is by the way part of the things I want to do this year. We’ll see if I can curb my impulses when the beach buddies ask for another adventure. haha!

Another perk which am suffering now from (oh well), I have an excuse reason to exercise, which has been stuck in my to-do list for ages now.

Yesterday I started one of my work-off habits: exercise. According to Gretchen Rubin (author of my savior: The Happiness Project), exercise twice a week and never skip. So since for this month, my week starts with a Tuesday and ends with a Sunday, I have to exercise every Monday and Tuesday morning, which gives me positivity that I “might” be able to achieve in developing this as a habit.  And did I already mention that my legs are aching now as well my entire body? Jezz, my body was shock it might take 2 or 3 exercises before it get used to it.

Now that I have a new schedule, my work starts at 9 in the evening and ends at 6 the following morning. I’ve got enough time to dance my fingers on the keyboard or glide my pen unto my notebook. It’s been centuries since I last wrote and posted something here. And I feel sorry for myself for holding back and dwelling on the stress and pressure at work which lead me to nowhere.

And speaking of which, I missed 2 going 3 monthly dramas, and 3 or 4 travel posts. I lost my photos (I know, lame excuse), but I feel so sad I lost those captured paradises. But of course, nothing beats the memories. But I think I could grab something from my friends and share it here. I have written a draft about the Kalanggaman getaway. Stay tuned for that. For now, it’s either you liked this rant or not. J

But I hope you’re enjoying your weeks and weekends!

Tah-tah! Until the next! 😉


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