I left my heart in paradise (The Kalanggaman Island dream)


I woke up to the dampness of the clothes I’m wearing. I opened my eyes to the stars above me, twinkling so bright inviting me to join them on the horizon. I smiled and heard the moon called my name, asking me if I’m happy. “Happier than ever!” I whispered.

To where I lay I can feel the softness of the ground. Sand. Suddenly, I realize I’m lying on the sand. I looked around me. To my right, Clark whom like me didn’t mind if he’s soaking wet, lying on the sand and dreaming. Behind him are some friends in frenzy. Drank and having fun under the moonlight. To my left is TM Arianne and Nikki looking so dreamy on the beach bed. I could see them both smiling as the cold breeze takes them to dreamland.

“The summer dream.” I thought. I looked passed through them and saw the gleaming of the crystal waters and the powdery white sand under the moon light. I sat up and watched the picture perfect, beautiful next to fiction kind of view. I closed my eyes and savored the moment to create a wonderful memory in my head. The sound of the waves touching down the shore, my friends’ laugh, the sound and the coldness of the ocean breeze.

I lay back on the ground smiling endlessly and woke up to the warmness of the sunrise.

Until now, I wish I wake up to the same feeling; the dampness of the soft sand and the twinkling of the stars.



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