Hyper Monday: Look Good, Feel Good, Smell Good

Feel good, look good. There is a science with this rule. And to tell you honestly, it works!

Here are the things that make me feel good.

1. Listening to my favourite head banging, feet stomping and hip swaying worthy playlist before I start the day. Here are my top 5:


Heaven’s Drive- L’Arc~en~Ciel
Seventh Heaven – L’Arc~en~Ciel
Do What You Want- Lady Gaga ft Christina Aguilera
Born this Way – Lady Gaga
Happy – Pharrell Williams

2. Waking up 5:30 in the morning during my rest days.


I have to keep a sleeping pattern. By doing so, I would not have to strive getting off from bed during my work days. I know my usual weekday sleeping routine is hitting the sack at 7 AM then waking up at 4 PM to prepare for work at 9. But during weekends, I have to change the routine. Sleeping at night for some reasons is not difficult for me. I think because, really, our bodies are designed to sleep at night. For as long as I keep an at least 8 hours of sleep and a 30 minute nap during breaks in the office, I am good.

3. Because I feel good, when I face my self in the mirror, the positivism goes out from my eyes and me entire face despite of the messy, unruly, curly hair. With this positivism around and all over me, I have a time to put on a little make up which I stopped doing after college. Unless of course during special occasions. Just because I was so stressed out I forgot how pretty life can be if only I’ll pay attention to what’s good around and on me. Putting on even just a bit of eyeliner, blush and a lip color makes you look good and does not just boost your confidence but as well as your energy.

4. Exercise.Even by just running or stretching, my energy boosts and my body feels like a fully charged battery.



When you feel and look good, you tend to grab the best perfume from your vanity. The scent you only use for special occasions but later realize you can use it every day to make your “good” a total one. Perfumes have their own powers. Currently my scent is a tropical, fruity and very summery I tend to forget that summer already ended in my country.

Sometimes if not always, you just have to feel you’re pretty to look pretty! 😉




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