Brave Tuesday: I CAN… without remoarse


Only people whom you shared the interest with will understand your flaws and imperfections. Those people who are telling you to stop because you’re not going any farther, are those who envy you not just for your confidence but with the talent they can’t have.

In my six years of blogging, I’ve never encountered cyber bullying- at least not yet. I might have received bad comments but they’re constructive criticisms which I really appreciate. I am not a prefect writer. I have my own flaws, be it grammar, prepositions and even spelling. And I love how people look at it as a beginner’s curve than thinking that I am in the process of claiming a name that don’t suit me.

I appreciate comments, can be positive or negative than likes. Not that I don’t like “likes”. I smile at them, but my heart is always touched when someone leaves me a comment about the post because I get know how I write and what to write next.

I remember there was once though in facebook that someone told me: “People should really mind their own business and focus on their field of work.” This comment was posted on an article I shared about the Philippines implementing the K+12 law. What happened was, I shared some of my thoughts about it. It wasn’t positive of course because as far as my eyesight is concern, I don’t see the country is ready for it. And in defense to my thoughts, they weren’t hateful, like I’ll use WTF or WTH. Maybe a bias comment but it was a constructive one with a bit of research.

I replied to his comment, of course. I don’t like being told to my mind my own business of people who also don’t mind their’s. The more I hate it when people is against someone’s freedom of expression. I told him I respect his point of view and surely understand I am not in the right position to comment about the issue because I am ONLY a call center agent who’s work is not related to education (which he also pointed out in his first sentence). Simply by emphasizing the “I RESPECT your point of view” shots him down and the next thing I know, he deleted his comment which also received a few responses from my friends who came across with the post.

Before I singed up to my first blog, I’ve read a lot of blogs. Some are quite impressive, some amazed me and inspired me to really go in public. While some scared me because they received hateful comments and racism. But I took the risk and told my self; I am doing what I love to do and I don’t want lying in bed someday regretting that all my life I hid in the pages of my notebooks.

Few years after publishing my first blog, I started posting some sensible posts in facebook. Year after year I meet new people from different places and six years after, I have friends who are bloggers too and are passionate writers who inspired me to write more. People outside the blogging zone may not understand the reason we, bloggers are exposing our feelings and even our lives to the public more than celebrities do. But I say, writing and publishing it simply just make us happy.

Because I CAN be my self when I’m writing.



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