Amazing Wednesday: Me against the music

Music is a universal connection. It is amazing how music connects people from the different sides of the world, speaks someone’s feelings and sets up someone’s mood.

Here the songs that are lately on loop in my playlist. Some are of course on loop for like “forever”.
[Note: I have to select top 5 or it’ll take us years to finish this post. :)) ]

Lez Dance: Whenever I play these on max, I feel like dancing. The main reason I have to name the playlist as “Hype”.

Current LSS –> Gotta Be You – 2ne1
Falling In Love – 2ne1
Actually, 2ne1 is my only favorite Kpop group. 😉
Do What U Want – Lady Gaga ft Christina Aguilera
Talk Dirty – Jason Durello

Head Banger: I’ve had a lot of fan girling moments with my Laruku playlist. The last one was in a jeepney. I just can’t help it. You know. Lol

Seventh Heaven
Hevean’s Drive
Blurry Eyes

Kawaii Alert: The playlist that says: “no matter what kind of language, it’s still cute just because they send me back to being a teenager”.

Love Jam- Hummin Urban Stereo
Chinito- Yeng Constantino
Ehu Girl- Kolohe Kai
Dream Girl – Kolohe Kai
The Best Thing –

Tear me down: The songs that always brought sadness and tears to my eyes. No drama added.

Let it Go- Frozen soundtrack
Hitomi Nu Jyuunin – L’Arc~en~Ciel
It Hurts- 2ne1
Be Wamred- Davichi ft Verbal Jint
Make you feel my love- Adele

Cruisin’: The playlist I’d most likely play whenever I’m in car or going somewhere out from the city. 😉

Who You Love – John Meyer ft Katy Perry
Perfect Blue- L’Arc~en~Ciel
Late Night Alumni Songs

Chill out: Huh! Now. THIS. IS.TOUGH! Hahaha! I’d rather tune in to Cebu’s Crossover radio. I also love Manila’s Radio High and the super cool, super awesome internet radio: Sky.Fm with wide selection of programs from Beethoven classics to today’s Pop music. 🙂


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