The Secret (A Daydream Series)

I’ve always known it wouldn’t be that difficult to fall for you,
But I didn’t know it will not be this easy to forget you.
You entered the room and lit it up.
Your personality amazed me by the time I laid my eyes on you.
You were wearing an orange shirt that looks good on you.
Your name sounds like an Archangel-
Very saintly, I thought.
And from then I knew you will always be my angel.
You taught me to appreciate the little things around me
And find happiness from them;
From a smile of a stranger,
To a hug of a loved one.
I found happiness from everything that surround me.

I am blinded by either an immature admiration,
Or probably an unknown love.
I counted the years between us,
But to me they were just numbers I don’t really mind.
I didn’t care about the rumors,
About your preferences,
About what’s behind those Japanese eyes.
You are an amazing person,
That’s how I know you.
Someone people would really depend on.
Someone people can run to when they need someone to uplift them.
I am very lucky to be one of those people who have ran to you.
You have comforted me with possibilities.
You have believed in me when I can’t.
You have showed me that life is a gift
And everyday is a blessing.

From a distance I looked at you and sigh.
I kept my feelings behind and still trying to hide.
Every smile, every touch and every word you say
That drives me to a journey to seventh heaven,
I love you-
At least that is what I know.
And if I am to spend everyday until forever,
God ask me who,
I would definitely choose you.
When am I going to start walking to get my self closer to you?
Until when am I going to stay behind these walls
That separate me from you?



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