The Confession (A Daydream Series)

It was a nice day,
The sun is smiling at the world,
The trees are swinging to the rhythm of the wind,
The birds hum as the morning unfolds a lovely day.
I looked at the skies and asked to keep the blue bluer.
I prayed for God to send angels to make this day lovelier than ever.
I heard my friends greet you as you walk towards us.
You said “Hi”,
We said “Hello”.

The sun kept smiling the entire day.
The trees continued dancing to the rhythm of the wind.
No more birds humming,
But the waves are singing.
I looked at the waters and they were bluer than the skies.
I thanked God for the angels he sent to look upon us.
I heard you call my name.
You asked me if I’m OK,
I said I’m absolutely great.

We sat on the fine white sand,
And watched as the sun sets from the horizon.
I remembered a silly stuff from childhood.
“Does sun really sets behind the waters
And rises from the mountains?”
You laughed at it and told me you thought the same thing
When you were still a kid.
And I thought how wonderful it’d be if we shared the same days.
You told me,
“I wish were friends in those years.”
How old you were when I thought about it?
You probably were crushing over some guys.

That same night as the moon shone brightly,
you and I awake still,
While our friends are lovingly asleep behind us.
I didn’t know what was I thinking,
Suddenly I told you I love you.
You told me you love me too.
A love other than a friend to a friend.
Other than a love of a father to a daughter.
A love more than a man feeling for a woman.
A love indescribable like the mysterious beauty of nature.




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