The Unfolding (A Daydream Series)

Nights like this I would not ask for more.
Just you and I enjoying the moment.
You prepared the most delicious dinner I’ve ever tasted.
We sipped a wine, talked about life and
Everything that evolves around us.
We keep our love behind watchful eyes.
Eyes that will never understand how our love
Is love.
We laughed at each others jokes,
We understand each others eccentricity.
Discovered more about ourselves,
Until we can say we’re ready
To take the friendship to another level.

I love your laugh,
Staring at your ageless good looking face.
I love your Japanese eyes,
They speak more than your sweet lips.
I love how you make me smile,
How you make me realize things.
I love everything about you,
No “but’s”, no “if’s”,
Without questions asked.

As we laugh at a joke,
You took my hand asking me to dance.
We danced to the beat of our hearts,
To the music of our dreams.
You looked into my eyes,
And for some reasons, it felt like
I entered into a whole new world with you.
I saw my self,
You and I in white clothes,
Just being happy and nothing else.

I closed my eyes to see more of it,
And I did.
I felt your lips touched mine,
As sweet as the red wine,
As soft as the clouds.
You touched me
Like there’s no one can ever hurt me.
Imprisoned in your embrace.
I sigh and told my self
I’m willing to give everything.

The same night you led me to heaven.
Making one of my wildest dreams come true.
To where the soft touches lead us?
What will happen after the kisses?
No promises of tomorrow.
Just you and I
And the present moment,
Unfolding the same kind of love we share.




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