The Engagement (A Daydream Series)

It is one of those beautiful days,
When it’s just you and your love together
In a place where eyes don’t look at you with something
Going on in their minds.
Where people just pass by.
A place where it’s only you and your love who know each other.

You took me to a place where I love being my self.
A place where we can be both teenagers
Lost in paradise.
A day filled with fun and laughter.
You proved me that I can be with you,
That there are some people who will understand us.
Your lovely parents didn’t question me why.
I heard no what or how from your family.
It felt wonderful to hear nothing but
About where does this relationship leads us,
About when are we going to take another path.
We both see these possibilities,
But they were blurred out
By the people who came in and tried to ruin us.

But today you made it clear,
As you took my hand and kneel in front of me.
I forgot how beautiful the carousel was,
About how extreme the tower ride was,
I can only see you and the gleaming
Of the lights around us.
I can hear a mix of things;
The laughters, the wind,
The water from the fountain
Where we stood near.

Your eyes sparkle like never before.
Your hands cold,
Your lips tremble.
And in the midst of the noises around us,
I read your lips;
“Will you marry me?”
It was as if I didn’t give my self options.
It was as if I don’t have a choice.
I said yes leaving no hint of doubts.
Because I am ready for whatever
May come.




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