The flowers bloom in May.
Summer is about to bid goodbye.
The sky as blue as the ocean.
The cold breeze blows sending my dress to dance.
In my hand I hold a bouquet of flowers.
Flowers that seem to bloom more and smile at me.
This is it,
The day I have been waiting for.
One of my dreams are really becoming true.

I felt my heart beat faster,
Like drums in a rock ‘n roll show.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath,
Heaven knows how many times I’ve done this
since I woke up this morning.
From a distant I can see a dream
Is about to unfold in front of me.
The powdery white sand touches my bare feet.
What is this feeling?
I am ready to accept another challenge.
I am willing to stand by you until all your hair
Turned white.
I felt lighter as I took little steps forward.
No matter how nervous I am,
There is no moving back.

As early as twenty six my Father let go of me.
No matter how painful it is for him.
For he believes that you will be as grateful
As he wishes you to be.
And that you will never hurt his precious one.
We spoke our vows for love and forever,
For richer or poorer.
In sickness and in health,
We will stand for each other,
Until death take us apart.