The Marriage (A Daydream Series)

No word can ever describe
How much I am feeling since I said I do.
I thought by just hiding with you
In those walls we built,
Is already a dream come true.
But seeing you right now at our very own kitchen
Makes me realize,
Marrying you is living in a dream come true.
A dream I don’t want to be awaken.

There may be days we will argue
Over things different than
The things we used to fight over years before.
There will surely be those days
You might realize there’s something more
You didn’t know about me.
I may be become more moody,
get jealous over little things
Including your work.
I will get insecure.
Will look at the mirror one day
Crying because I’m already fat.
Looking at myself one day,
Because I no longer have the
Grace you’ve seen when I was younger.

I maybe become more immature,
But I hope you’ll stay beside me,
Letting me know
I am the same person you’ve seen turned
Into a beautiful butterfly
From being an adorable caterpillar.




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