Grateful Sunday: Truly, I am Blessed!

Count your blessings.

But if I do, it will cause me one thousand pages in the word processor and will take you years to finish reading the post- unless of course if you stopped reading and just continue to scroll down to the bottom of this page. πŸ˜€

Okay, fine. I’ll enumerate my blessings for this day, yesterday and the days before that made me so grateful today and looked forward for tomorrow.

1.I survived week 1 of this writing challenge! It was difficult for me, though. I got off from work at six in the morning and feel like throwing my self right away into the bed when I get home. But I resist the urge of diving into the bed and start typing. Doing so, I can sleep straight until four in the afternoon without the words chasing me in my dreams.
2.Talking to someone about how I feel eventually lessens the pain and even if left unresolved, it made me feel light. I’m glad that person urged me to speak about the things that has been bothering me lately.
3.NEVER ASSUME. I heard this every now and then. But lately I have been assuming that someone is not comfortable with me, to the point of assuming too that this person started hating me. But talking about it to someone who can help you clear the issue, helps unload a worry that you yourself can’t.
4.I’m going crazy and pretty serious about finishing the novel I started writing few days ago. I was so amazed at the first day that I was hoping to finish 500 words but ended up with 1,100 words. The following day though, I stopped but the day after that, I tried to write again and finished 1,700 words. I can’t believe I’m rolling that ball with fire! Hahaha! Well, I guess I just couldn’t stop thinking about the people behind that story that I couldn’t stop writing about them.
5.My laptop crashed. Thankfully, it’s now back and I have a back up copy of the story I’m writing. Wohoo!!
6.I am breathing despite of how many times I have been killed at work.
7.And hey, I just turned one year at work last June 26th! That’s a first! Hahaha! I deserve a pat on the back and a β€œgood job!” Thank you! πŸ˜€
8.God loves me very much though I am not a good daughter.
9.I now feel pretty inside out! NO need to hash tag this with β€œFeeling” (If you’re Pinoy, you know this terminology. But if you’re not, this is a word used for someone who feels or thinks she looks pretty but other people think she’s not).
10.I’ve been quite proud of my self since my sisters and I moved into this new place. I felt responsible for our every day needs and I feel that I’ve been doing a good job on this. Yay!

I have a so many blessings I couldn’t even list them anymore. So yeah, GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST for all these grateful things I am receiving! I am truly blessed!




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