Prompt: You are to choose who you were years and years before you reincarnated as a today’s person. To who would you be?

In 1873 in France, Therese was born and on the other side of the earth; in Asia, another girl was born. She was named Katalina. Katalina grew up in the Philippines but later went to France to be a nun and there she met Therese who also was born, lived and died in Lisieux Carmel.

The two were best of friends. Katalina is the witness of every little thing that Therese is doing that makes a huge difference in every person’s life, including hers. Katalina wrote about Therese’s life when she started suffering her illness. Her book entitled “A Saint in the making” became popular after St. Therese’s autobiography; Story of a Soul. Her book was also translated into sixty languages and is being read generations after generations.

Katalina died at the age of fifty and was said to always be visited by her friend, St. Therese, asking her to continue serving the church and the people by writing more good stories of small deeds. The last book she wrote and the least popular among the books she’d written; “The Daffodil”, was released only in France and is said to be her autobiography.


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