Genie in a bottle, Baby

Prompt: A Genie appeared from a bottle. He then asks you for three wishes. What would you wish for?

A bottle had been rolling back and fort on the shore, pushed by the tiny waves. Sitting on the sand, Stiffany stood up to get the bottle. She looked at it with curiosity seeing it empty but the weigh is heavier than a bottle filled with sand.

She opened the lid and popped a foggy creature from the bottle. She peeked through the hole and saw nothing. It’s just dark inside no matter how crystal clear the color of the bottle from the outside. She felt a finger from her shoulder and was shocked to see a man in his widest smile it’s almost reaching his ears. He was floating and she only noticed that when she saw him sitting in the air. His color the same as a Hawaiian surfer, but he looks like an Indian with big round eyes and pointed nose.

“I’m a Genie, for heavens sake!” The man informed her rolling his eyes. His smile fade for a while and then back again.

He came near her and closed her mouth which was dropped open.

“You have three wishes today, my lady.” He said bowing his head slowly like she’s a royalty.

Stiffany looked around and found out she’s alone at the beach with this funny looking Genie. She smiled and enumerated her wishes.

“I wish to have the gift of awesome writing skills like William Shakespeare’s. ” She jumped clasping her hands together.

The Genie raised an eyebrow but his smile not fading.

“I wish to travel around the world… Make it every week so I could still rest.” She continued.

“And?” The Genie asked.

Stiffany stood still and looked at Genie.

“Uh-oh.” Said the Genie covering his mouth. His smile fade away.

“I wish you to give me three wishes every other week until I can’t think of what to wish anymore.” She smiled childishly.

“I can’t even!” He exclaimed but could not say no.

“Your wish is my command.” He bowed and went back inside the bottle.

“At least you have a week to rest, you know. Plus I am taking you to places I’m going to.” She told him as she put back the lid on the bottle.

“I hate this job!” The Genie said putting his hands on his forehead.

Now hugging the bottle, Stiffany smiled foolishly and walked back to their house near the beach.


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