Invisible Me

Prompt: If you are to be invisible for a day, what would you do?

I walked passed an old woman on my way to work. It was past midnight and I wondered where would she stay for the night. The wind blows coldly and even in my jacket, I could feel my body freezing. It’s rainy season in the country and I was worried for the woman. I turned back and saw her sitting still. I walked back towards her and offered her my scarf that I was not wearing at that time. She thanked me and I went off to work.

The next morning though at ten, My body was aching to curl up in bed. It’s bed weather. I thought. I was walking up the stairs going to my room at the second floor of the apartment I am renting.

I was digging in my bag for my keys when I saw the old woman at the balcony- smiling at me. I was so shocked I dropped my bag.

“Do you live here?” I asked curiously.

“No. I was waiting for you.” She answered.

“How did you know I live here?”

I was waiting for a response but she only smiled. I got scared. There were thoughts running in my head and then…

“Silly little girl!” She walked towards me and grabbed the bag I dropped on the floor.

She then got the keys and opened the door. She looked at me and…

“May I come in?” She asked. Still smiling.

I didn’t respond. I was still shocked about the moment.

She hit me with my bag and told me to come in because she’s cold and the rain started pouring hardly.

I entered the room after her and closed the door behind me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She sat on the couch and pat the space beside her telling me to sit there. Without questions I followed as told. I sat still looking at her. She laughed.

“I’m not a ghost, you silly!”

“Then what are you?” I asked.

“Well. I am the same woman you’ve met years ago. Don’t you remember?” She looked at me curiously.

I totally didn’t remember.

“Yeaaaah…” I finally did.

“You are the woman who gave me the super power of invisibility!” And then goose bumps started all over my body. I am not meeting this woman again and be invisible for a day and be a super hero again. After that incident a few years ago when I saved a schoolmate’s life, I decided I can’t make being a super hero a career. So I left home and lived peacefully in a bigger city. Until today.

“I am not going to be invisible again. Am I?” I finally asked.

“Ah!” She said, a finger pointing up.

“I want a tea.” She said.

“A hot tea. Thanks for asking!”

“But that’s not what I…” But I realize it’s actually rude that I didn’t offer anything when we first came in.

I went to my small kitchen and prepared a hot tea for her and a coffee for me. I then brought her the tea and went back to my question.

“Oh girl,” She started after sipping a tea from the china cup I got from my mom.

“You already forgot. Which is why I’m actually here.”

“I still have the power?” I snapped.

She only moved her eyebrows up while she took another drink from the cup.

“You still have it. Yes. And the only way you become invisible is every time you close your eyes and remember your power.”

That’s it. She didn’t actually took the power off from me. It’s still within me, but I decided to forget about it so I wasn’t able to use it anymore. There was no instance I wished for it, it’s probably the main reason the invisibility power didn’t occur anymore.

“Although,” She talked again.

“I can take it now from you.”

“Why?” I asked curiously.

“Because you no longer need it. You are very independent you can defend your self and every one else around you.”

But I don’t get it. Don’t I need a power, like probably a strength or something to save other people?

“Uh-uh! You don’t need that.” She told me and I realize, she can eventually read my mind.

I sighed.

“Ok. You can be super woman without having any actual powers like that.”

“Right.” I agreed.

“But I’ll give you twenty-four hours to use that power before I take it off from you.” She looked at me and put her arms around me.

“Either you want to see your crush in the washroom. Travel around the world without paying anything.” She said smiling.

“You can even rob a bank!”

My eyes grew big. This woman is not telling me to do bad things by using the power.

“It is your choice. You can do either good or bad. Use it, abuse it. How ever, what ever you want to do with it. For as long as you don’t lapse the twenty-four hour time frame.” She winked at me and stood up, her hands still on my shoulders but my eyes are focused on the flowered couch staring at it blankly.

“Good luck, Cinderella!”

I opened my mouth to say something, but just like the first time I met her, she’s gone even before I could say more.

I didn’t sleep nor eat. I sat still on the couch and thought of the things I want to do while I can still be invisible or should I let the twenty-four hour pass by not using any power at all. I called my boss and told him I won’t be coming to work tonight due to medical issues. It was an excuse. It’d be silly to tell my boss I’m going to be invisible for a day that’s why I’m not going to work. He would not believe me, of course. In this world, super powers only exist in movies and books. It’s fiction.

The clock strike eight in the evening but I sat still in bed. What should I do?

I logged in to facebook and posted: “I am invisible tonight, what should I do?”

Few seconds later a friend posted a comment: “Travel around the world! ^.^”

But I thought, no. I’ve always wanted to do that. But I want to travel around the world and enjoyed the places I went to and take photos. Invisibly traveling around the world won’t work.

Another friend posted: “Rob a bank!”

I smirked. I’m not going to do that! So I scrolled down to see a couple more suggestions and stopped half way to see a comment from my crush. I read: “That’s cool! Spend the night with me, invisible girl. ;)”

Nyay! I thought. That’s creepy! No. I’ll spend a day or night with someone I like visibly. Not invisible like a ghost!

I woke up at eight in the morning and only to realize I fell asleep last night. I only have about two hours before the old woman takes off the power and I decided to take a walk. I opened the door and saw Mr. Hernandez, an old man living in the opposite door with his wife, going out from their room. He looked towards my direction. His eyes grew big when I closed the door. I greeted him with a smile but his eyes are still focused on my door.

Right. I thought. I’m still invisible.

So I walked passed the shocked old man and decided to go to the park. I saw kids along the road. Some are running, while some walk in their school uniforms and backpacks. They crossed the streets to get to school. Some are accompanied with nannies, Mom or Dad, while some are not.

I saw a girl crying. Not hysterically but silently. I walked closed to her and felt her fear in crossing the busy street. Despite of the traffic enforcer signaling the people to cross and with a crowd, she couldn’t cross the street together with other people. I sighed and wondered what kind of parents she have to allow her going to school alone when this kid is not yet ready to independently do it.

I put my arms around her and she looked around to see nothing. I whispered and she jumped scarily.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m not gonna hurt you.” I told her as sweetly as I could to calm her down.

“Who are you?” She asked wiping her tears with the back of her hands.

“I’m someone to help you cross the street.”

“Will it be easy?” She asked looking at the street.

“Yes.” I assured her.

“And after this, you’ll know how to do it alone.” I added.

She smiled and agreed.

I taught her how to cross the street and accompanied her when the traffic enforcer signaled the cars to stop and the people to cross.

We reached the gate of her school and I whispered again to her ear.

“See. It’s easy.”

“Thank you!” She smiled.

“No biggy!” I told her and pat her on the back.

“Now I know who you are.” She said with a low voice and then whispered.

“You’re my guardian angel!”

I was touched by her words but I told her there’s someone else assigned to guide her everyday. I was just an angel for a day.

“You just have to trust the real angel. He’s always around.” I told her.

“My angel is a boy?” She asked.

“He is. He’s name Sto. Nino.” I told her.

“But is he not an angel?” She asked and I realized no one actually told me he’s an angel, because he is the child Jesus.

“Well. He may be not, but he’s always around to protect and guide you.” I defended my previous statement.

“I agree!” She smiled.

“Thank you again, Angel.” She said and blew a kiss in the air.

We said goodbye and she walked to her school. I stood up and saw the old woman smiling at me. I walked towards her.

“Is it time?” I asked.

“It is. You’re back to being visible.” Smiling at me she held my scarf back to me, which I refused.

“You’ll be cold again somewhere out there. So, no. That’s yours.” I told her.

She smiled and told me: “Indeed, you don’t need powers.”

I just stared blankly at her. I didn’t do anything. I am doing things human is created to. That’s what I learned growing up in a small, religious town.

“Just stop cursing people at work. ” She winked and gone again. This time I thought for good.

I blinked a couple of times and then laughed.

“Well.” I said.

“I will try.” And walked back to the apartment.

I met Mr. Hernandez on the main door of the apartment.

“Do you have someone else staying with you Ms. Eugene?” He asked curiously and I know what it meant.

“Ah yes. My sister just came in today.”

“I see.”

“I thought I saw a ghost as early as eight.” The old man laughed and went off to the small street.


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